Welcome to the official MCITTA website

Welcome to the official website of the
Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association

The Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association is a fraternal Association of Marine Interrogators of prisoners of war and Interpreters of foreign languages who have held the Marine Corps MOS of 0250 and/or 0251.  Interrogation is an art. Marines so trained have provided significant contributions to victories on the battlefield through these up close and personal confrontations with the enemy.   The MCITTA seeks to honor that art and perpetuate the uniqueness of these Marines and the camaraderie that has been cultivated within the Interrogator Translator Teams and the ethos of being Marine!


An association of Marines who have served in the Interrogator Translator Teams (ITT) of the United States Marine Corps as Interrogators of Prisoners of War and intelligence specialists.

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