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13th Interrogator/Translator Team
13th ITT Information at MCITT


The 13thITT originated June 1967.  Per following,  5thMarDiv Sp Order 450-67 dated 7Jun1967 arriving in Vietnam Jul67 & assigned to 5th Marines, 1stMarDiv

GySgt J. P. WATSO     effective 15Jun67
GySgt G. V. KLINE     effective 15Jun67
SSgt J. E. LOPEZ         effective 30Jun67  Transferred to 15thITT in July for SSgt Jeff B. SMITH
SSgt J. W. RIEMER     effective 15Jun67
SSgt T. F. SINGLEY     effective 15Jun67
SSgt R. W. VIERLING effective 15Jun67

I found Orders dated August 1967 that has the following listed on them: (Going to Vietnam) 

SSgt R. W. VIERLING  Report 20Aug67 for duty with 13th ITT
SSgt T. F. SINGLEY    Report 21Aug67 for duty with 13th ITT
SSgt Jeff B. SMITH      Report 21Aug67 for duty with 13th ITT
Sgt R. C. MALSZ        Report 21Aug67 for duty with 13th ITT
GySgt G. V. KLINE     Report 21Aug67 for duty with 13th ITT
SSgt J. W. RIEMER     Report 21Aug67 for duty with 13th ITT


Officers were:



1stLt P. T. SCHMIDT 

Found a Sgt J. T. JOHNSON and a Sgt R. F. WETHL on a set of orders dated 20Jul68
(Comment by Dean Reid-
I knew Sgt. J. T. Johnson IV.  At least I think he is the one I knew at 3rdMarDiv G-2 before he was assigned to 13th ITT in 1stMarDiv.) 


RIEMER and I returned CONUS in Sep68 and went to 1stITT in Hawaii
Posted by Jeff Smith more at

Capt. Harry Todd (Mar72-Mar73)

6-17 November 1967 The 5th Marines conducted Operation Essex in Quang Nam Province.

Some photos Posted by SSgt Ken Logue- Member 1969-1970

An Hoa Combat Base (13th ITT)
SSgt Bill Wynn going home Feb70
Hanh (13th ITT Interpreter) Feb70
Thai Cong Dan (13th ITT Intepreter) 1969
SSgt Kenneth Logue (13th ITT) Oct69
SSgt Ken Logue & Hong (13th ITT) "Arizona Territory" Feb70