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and Photos furnished by:  Jeff B. Smith

Born  in Oklahoma in 1936. Grew up on a farm and joined the USMC in 1954 after graduating from High School in Locust Grove, OK.
Attended Boot Camp at San Diego, CA.  After boot camp and ITR at Camp Pendleton & Pickle Meadows, I went to the 3rd Shore Party Battalion in Japan as an 0100. Returned to CONUS in 1956 to MCAS, El Toro, CA.  Reenlisted in 1957 and went to Marine Barracks, Morocco.  Returned to the US and went to MCAS, Cherry Point, NC, where I was sent to Admin Chief Course at Camp Lejeune, NC.
Transferred to HQMC, where I worked in Marine Corps Publications.  At HQMC, I took the Language Aptitude Test and was later transferred to Language School at Monterey, CA where I attended the Chinese-Cantonese Language School at Monterey 1966 (Met Howard Young there).  Sent to Camp Pendleton where I went IPW School at Ft. Hol
abird (4Jan-17Feb67) and to an 8 week Vietnamese course. In Jun67, I was placed in the 15th ITT.  In July, I was transferred to the 13th ITT (Family reasons).  Arrived in Vietnam Aug67 and assigned to support 2ndBn, 5th Marines where I spent almost the entire time in Vietnam with them.  I worked the POW compound at An Hoa and went on Operations with the 5th Marines.  Here are some photos:

Bn Interpreters(& me)-1967 Dug In -1967 My Interpreter 1967

Qtrs at Cau Doi 1968 Tunnel Qtrs 1968 Qutrs at Phu Ya Pass

The Base at An Hoa (Aug68) Captured weapon (Aug68) Captured "enemy" Aug68

After Vietnam, 1968, I went to Hawaii.  Assigned to 1st ITT, 1st Marine Brigade.  Went to Hong Kong on 2 (60 days each) in-country training assignments working with the British Vice Squad.  Attended a 14 week course in Thai ( taught by a Capt. Kelly) and went in-country training, with Capt. Kelly, (60 days) to Thailand.  Returned to  the US (1971)  to Camp Pendleton.  Assigned to 23rd ITT, 1st Marine Division (but spent most of my time as Manager, 43 Area Branch SNCO Club) and later transferred to 9thITT, 1st Marine Division (which generated my transfer to Okinawa), before going to the 3rdITT in Okinawa in Feb1973 (While there, I worked as Asst. Mgr, Officers Club). Retired Feb1974.