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Mark Conroy

In 1974,  I latterly moved to 0251 after two Vietnam tours and a training period with USN dive commands.  
I was a senior 0331/usn5327 on the list for SSgt.  I served with 19th ITT and in 75 went to Korean Lang Crs,
In 75 I went to IPW at Ft. Huachuca and in 76 to 0231 Course at NTC Coronado.
In 77 I went to Arabic Lang Course and trans to 2d MarDiv.  I was the team chief of the 14th ITT in Beirut,

which, for some reason, you have all forgotten.  After Beirut , because of CWO-4 Ed Farah,
I was sent to 4th MarDiv as the ITT Coordinator.  30-35th ITTs, after which I had a huge fight with INTM
and latterly moved back to 0369 but kept my clearance status.  When I retired in Oct 1991 I held an SBI/SI.  My
biggest problem was Rick Wible and Bill Mayne. Ask Howie Fielding and Gunny George Buss.  
I was the last combat field interrogator with an 0251 to perform a field interrogation and as an 0302
at Umm Hujuul I performed duties as an 0251.  I held 0251/0291 and 0250-0205 billet MOSs but  I may not
be a "legend in my own mind" like Al Loreth, Pat Peddrick. Les Minnihan,John Cooney, Hedgepewth,
Hermaro Lopez, Steve Jaworski, Gaulin. Jack Parker, Billy Beatty,  MSgt Tom Morgan,  SSgt David Romain,  at 2d MarDiv.
MSgt Coleman McIntyre . I know Phil Ferrari, Steve nix, Ron Garcia, Osama Bitar (who was, and always be a friend of mine).  I knew Sally Provencio.  I also knew a lot of REALLY good Marines, Fred Garant. Wayne Twilliger, Walt
Hunter, Ted Singley, J. D. Soloman, Robert Rodgers, J.J Lauterbach, Nick Bemish, Gary Copado, Keyvan Ghovanloo, Adler, Register, L/Cpl Zohar,  Lets not forget Sgt Artemus Wartinian who was awarded the Bronze Star w/ 14th ITT in Lebanon.  
M. Conroy, Capt USMC (RET)  do not forget Curt Leslie either.  305 245 3051