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2nd Interrogator Translator Unit


"The 2nd ITU at Camp Lejeune was under the operational control of G-2, 2nd MarDiv prior of the forming of SRIG = Surveillance Reconnaissance and Intelligence Group. 
The ITTs =Interrogator translator teams under 2nd ITU were:
2nd ITT (European/German Etc.),
4th ITT (?) 6th ITT (Middle East/Arabic),
10th ITT (Spanish, Portuguese) and
12th ITT (French)
The languages by team other than the 10th ITT are the best as I can remember."

Above information furnished by GySgt Jose M Oliveras


Known Members

Sgt Ronald GARCIA           2nd ITT, Attached         23Oct83          Killed in Beirut Bombing

Harry J. Todd (Member in 1968)

Operation Urgent Fury (Personal Report by:  Jose (Joey) Oliveras)

Members of 2nd ITU in 1983
Capt Homero Lopez (OIC)
MGySgt Beatty (NCOIC)
Sgt Hipolito (Paul) Hernandez
Cpl Jose (Joey) Oliveras
SSgt Nelson Del Valle
WO Alvarez
GySgt Wible
GySgt Winfrey
SSgt Manlove
Cpl Mikola

 Updated: 12/21/13