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7th Interrogator/Translator Team

The following is from Oliver J. Hickok: "What I can remember as follows"

Capt R. C. Champion 67-68
2ndLt Bob Spitze 67-68
GySgt  James Kerley ?-68-?
SSgt Billy Beatty 67-68
SSgt O. J. Hickok 67-68
SSgt John Peduzi ?-67-?
SSgt Peter Nabuda ?-67-?
Sgt John Schindler 67-68

I think most of these names etc. are close and or could use a little touching up but I think are pretty close as of this time. I also think most of the dates are right but yet ???? Best I can do"

Michael Spitze contacted us to say-I'm the son of Bob Spitze. I was born in 1965 and know that he was in battle in Vietnam when I was born in Kaneohe, island of Oahu. He served a total of 4 tours in Vietnam. We even had a refuge live with us for almost 2 years when we were living in Carlsbad, CA.Thank you for posting that info. My sister and I have wanted to know many things for years now but he doesn't like to talk about it. "

14Feb72..MEL SCHREIN Transferred to 7th ITT from the 23rdITT (Do not have any more info)

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