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Whereas a meeting was called and took place on January 14, 2003 at the Leatherneck club of the Marine Corps League, Las Vegas Detachment, Las Vegas, Nevada for the purpose of planning the establishment of an organization of Marine Corps Interrogator-Translators;

 And Whereas a group of seven former members of the Interrogator Translator Teams of the Regular and Reserve components of the United States Marine Corps did, at this meeting, lay the foundation for a fraternal organization of Marine Corps Interrogator-Translators; 

Thereby an organization of Marine Corps Interrogator-Translators was founded in order to associate Marine Interrogators from the inception of the Interrogator Translator Teams to its cessation as a separate specialty within the Marine Corps intelligence occupational field, and to record its history. 


 1.01        The Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association shall be the name of the organization, hereinafter referred to as “The Association”, with its headquarters being adaptable to meet the needs of the Association as elected officials may be dispersed throughout the United States.  Where necessary, when referring to the Association, the acronym “MCITTA” may be used.  Caution must be taken to avoid confusion with other organizations of similar intent.

 1.02        Symbol:  The Association emblem shall consist of the letters “ITT” to signify Interrogator Translator Teams superimposing a generic Marine Corps Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on a forest green shield on a white background; an outer ring of scarlet shall bear the title “Marine corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association” intersected by a single star.  An outer ring to consist of a gold-colored, braided rope shall completed the symbol.

 1.03        Motto:  The Association motto shall be INFORMATIS – VERITAS – VICTORIA to represent the purpose and intent of interrogation of prisoners of war:  to seek information, truth, and victory.

 1.04        The Association logo may be varied to include a banner at the base, enclosing the aforementioned motto, no other modifications being authorized.

 1.05 – 1.99 Not allocated. 


 2.01      The Association is established to foster fraternalism among all Marines who have been designated as Marine Interrogators, Interpreter / Translators, or Linguistic Officers to promote the traditions of camaraderie and esprit de corps; and to foster the unity and mutual support of all whom served in the Interrogator Translator Teams of the United States Marine Corps.

 2.02      The Association shall be democratic, nonsectarian, and not affiliated with or connected directly or indirectly to any political party or organization.

 2.03      The Association shall remain apart from any direct influence or management by any Department of Defense agency; however, MCITTA will cooperate with other organizations who hold similar intent and purpose.

 2.04      The Association shall hold in trust to research, record, and catalogue the history of the Interrogator Translator Teams of the Marine Corps, and to place this completed work in a suitable repository where it shall be accessible to future generations as part of Marine Corps history.

 2.05      The Association shall memorialize annually those Marine Interrogators who died in the service of their Corps and Country so their loss shall not be in vain nor they be forgotten.

 2.06      The Association shall provide a forum in which to assemble for social intercourse to be called The Gathering.

 2.07      The Association shall provide vehicles, to wit “The Spot Report”, E-Bulletin and a website for communication of matters of mutual interest and other lawful purposes.

 2.08 – 2.99 Not allocated 


 3.01      The Commanders Board herein also referred to as “The Commanders” and “The Board” interchangeably shall administer and govern the Association.

 3.02      The Commanders Board shall be comprised of designated elected and appointed Association officers and two Members at Large.

 3.03      Elected MCITTA Officers:  The elected officers of the Association shall be designated with titles commensurate with the chain of command within an Interrogator Translator Team/corporate structure.

            3.03.1       Chairman of the Board – The Chairman shall act as the presiding officer on all matters for the Association.  The Chairman shall act as Chief Executive Officer and/or President of the organization with all authority usually afforded such a position.
           3.03.2       Assistant Chairman of the Board – The Assistant Chairman shall act as the Chief Operating Officer and/or Vice President of the Organization with all authority and responsibility for such a position.  The Assistant will act for the Chairman in his absence.
       Financial Officer– This Commander shall act as the Chief Financial Officer of the organization with the additional obligation as Association secretary.  The CFO shall perform as the Financial secretary for the Association.

          3.03.4       Executive Administrative Assistant—This Commander shall be the administrative coordinator for the Association and Chairman of the Board directly.

          3.03.5       Members of the Board—The Board shall consist of two Board members selected by those members present at the annual business meeting by show of hands

 3.04      Elections:  Only a registered Regular Member of the Association is eligible for elected office.  Nominations will be accepted six months prior to the announced election date.

 3.05      Elections for all governing officers of The Association shall be made by majority vote via show of hands by members present at their Annual Gathering Business Meetings requiring election. Appointments to office shall be made at the close of the subsequent Annual Gathering.

 3.06      Selection of Members at Large:  Members at Large shall be appointed at the General Assembly held during the Gathering.  Names shall be placed in nomination from the floor and votes cast by a show of hands.

 3.07      Terms of Office:  Normally, the Board Members shall be elected annually; however, these officer selections shall not be made for more than two consecutive one-year terms in each position.

           3.07.1       Upon completion of two consecutive one-year terms as Chairman of the Board the Assistant Chairman will be placed automatically in nomination for the office of Chairman.  The candidate will select a running mate as Assistant Chairman.  This slate of candidates will be placed before the members along with any additional members who wish to seek these offices.  This form of election shall ensure corporate knowledge is retained within The Commanders.
       The Financial Officer may serve in office for a period in excess of two consecutive one-year terms but not more than four consecutive one-year terms..  Candidates for this office should display sufficient background and expertise in finance and accounting.  It is paramount the candidate is sufficiently versed in all matters of fiscal accountability to ensure funds and the good faith of the membership is safeguarded at all times.

         3.07.3       A candidate for Member at Large will be placed in nomination at the annual Gathering Business Meetings requiring election.  Term of office for the Member at Large shall be for two years but no more than two consecutive two year terms.

        3.07.4       No member of The Commanders Board shall serve beyond two consecutive one-year terms for each respective elective office. Any member of the Commander’s Board not elected shall serve at the discretion of the Chairman. The Commanders Board shall serve until their successor are chosen and installed or until their death or formal resignation, unless they are sooner removed from office by the membership.  In the absence or disability of any of the officers, the next elected officer in the precedence shall act with all powers and duties of the absented officer.

 3.08      Appointed Officers:  To maintain continuity and consistency of operation, the following Association officers shall be appointed at the discretion of the Commanders for a period of five years and may be extended if warranted.  The Commanders reserve the right to remove or change these appointees at any time.  Any appointees may resign at their own discretion.

           3.08.1       Historian: This appointee shall be so designated as Association Historian and will conduct research and recording of the Interrogator Translator Teams’ history. The Historian will work with the Historical Committee in this endeavor and at the discretion of the Chairman. The term of office shall be at the discretion of the Chairman and desire of the office holder and such position shall be an Ex-Officio member of the Board.

3.08.2       Member at Large (Liaison Officer) – A Member at Large / Liaison Officer will be appointed for every 100 members or fraction thereof of The Association.  These members shall act as the voice of the membership in all matters requiring executive decision.

 3.09      The Immediate Past Team Commander and the Association Historian sit as ex-officio members of the Commanders Board.

 3.10      Four members of The Commanders Board shall constitute a quorum.

 3.11      Should any officer position become vacant during the designated term, the Chairman or next in line may appoint any registered Regular member to fill such position on an Interim basis until such time the elected officer is able to serve or until the next sanctioned election may be held, whichever is sooner.

 3.12      Appointed Service Positions – The following positions may be appointed at the pleasure of the Commander, there being no specific term for this appointment required.

            3.12.1        Association Chaplain – The Association Chaplain shall act as spiritual counsel for The Association and render Memorial Services and other services at the Gatherings.

           3.12.2       Service Officer – The Association Service Officer shall be responsible for ensuring that MCITTA contact is made with the surviving family of any deceased Participating Member

            3.12.3       Association Newsletter Editor – The Editor shall be responsible for publishing The Association newsletter, The Spot Report.

            3.12.4       Association website Coordinator – The website Coordinator maintains The Association website and controls the flow of information published therein.

           3.12.5       Association Gear Locker Manager – The Gear Locker Manager will coordinate all MCITTA sanctioned material for sale to the membership through The Association.

           3.12.6       Agent for Service of Process – The ASP is a Registered Member designated to accept service of process in the unlikely event the MCITTA is sued.  The person appointed as agent must be a resident of the State of California with a bona fide California residence and mailing address.  This appointment is necessary pursuant to the California Corporations Code.

 3.13 3.99 Not allocated 


 4.01      The Commanders may at their discretion appoint committees of one or more persons to consider, investigate, and/or take action on certain specific matters.

 4.02      Such a committee only has those powers that have been assigned to it by the appointment.

 4.03      The commanders shall take under serious advisement the committee’s report and recommendations but shall not be bound by such recommendations.

 4.04      Committees are either standing or ad hoc (the latter is also know as a “special committee”).

 4.05      Standing Committees:  The following Standing Committees are permanently established committees that shall be responsible over specific areas of policy and are responsible for oversight in the interests of the Association for these areas:

          4.05.1       Membership Committee:  The Membership committee shall be tasked with maintaining and overseeing the requirements of membership in the MCITTA.  A review of eligibility will be of primary concern.  The Committee will review all questionable membership registrations and appropriate recommendations made to The Commanders.

                  The Executive Administrative Assistant will chair the Membership Committee.

                  Additionally, three registered Regular Members will constitute this committee.

                  The Membership committee will accept and review all nominations for Honorary Membership and make their appropriate recommendations to The Commanders by unanimous vote.

         4.05.2       Historical Committee:  The Historical Committee will oversee and manage the ongoing research and recording of the history of the Interrogator Translator Teams.

                 The Association Historian shall be the Chairperson.

                 The members of the committee shall be volunteers from the general membership.  Any number of volunteers may sit on this committee.

          4.05.3       Gathering Committee:  The Gathering Committee shall consist of permanent members to ensure continuity in setting the appropriate atmosphere, protocols, and the enjoyment of the members at the Gathering.

               The designated chairperson may enlist as many members as required to ensure that all aspects of the Gathering are appropriately addressed.

               Using the MCITTA standard Operating Procedures for the Gathering, the Committee will ensure continuity of the proceedings keeping ever mindful of cost factors and focusing of fraternalism and camaraderie of the members.

         4.05.4       Awards Committee:  An Award committee shall be established to recognize services performed by Participating Members to further benefit the MCITTA.  The committee shall consist of a chairperson and at least two members.

                Guidance for the selection of awards is promulgated in the MCITTA Awards Manual dated November 2003.

 4.06      Ad Hoc Committees:  the following Ad Hoc Committees shall be formed as required for the special purpose as indicated.  These committees shall be formed for a specified period of time to perform a specified task, and will be dissolved upon completion of the assignment.  By special appointment, these committees may remain functional for as long as required.

          4.06.1       Special Advisory Counsel:  At the discretion of the Chairman, A Special advisory counsel may be established to provide guidance and corporate knowledge to the decision making process of The Commanders.  This “Kitchen cabinet” should be comprised of regular Members who have had some background, which would make their counsel and advice invaluable to the Association.

          4.06.2       Constitution and Bylaws Committee:  This committee may be formed periodically to review the Association constitution and Bylaws for relevancy and to make recommendations for Amendments and procedural change.

         4.06.3       Finance Committee:  The finance Committee will be formed to oversee and review the annual audit and the completion and submission of all required documents for annual incorporation and income tax reporting.

         4.06.4       Election Committee:  To formulate and control the election process of officers.  This committee shall be responsible to receive, validate, and count all votes to determine the appropriate winner of the election for officers.

4.07 – 4.99 Not allocated


 5.01      Policy:  The MCITTA shall not discriminate in terms of membership eligibility based on race, gender, nationality of origin, ethnicity, religion, or creed.

 5.02      Eligibility:  All Marines, Regular and Reserve component, Retired, and Veteran Marines honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, who have held the MOS 0250 (Officer) or 0251 (Enlisted) and have served in any Interrogator Translator team or who served by TO & E designation in the capacity of Interrogator by any other MOS so assigned for such duty may be considered members of the Marine Corps Interrogator translator Teams Association.

 5.03      The following persons may be considered eligible for membership:

           5.03.1       All serving or former members of the Armed Forces of the United States, who were designated as Marine Interrogators and held either of the aforementioned MOSs; or

           5.03.2       Marines currently serving or having formerly and honorably served in the regular or reserve components of the United States Marine Corps, who have held and interrogator Military Occupational specialty (MOS) designator issued by competent authority in accordance with Marine Corps directives in effect at the time of their service, and have honorably served in the capacity of an Interrogator, Prisoner of war; or

          5.03.3       Such other persons as may be recommended by The Membership committee and approved unanimously by the Commanders such as Marines serving in an Interrogator billet, with an ITT or composite ITT with a secondary MOS of 8611, Interrogator / Translator prior to the Marine Corps beginning the 0251 MOS field.

 5.04      Participating Membership:  there shall be three types of Participating Membership in the Association – Regular, Associate, and Honorary:

          5.04.1       Regular Member       All persons who meet the Requirements of eligibility under paragraph 5.02 above shall be granted Regular Participating Membership on presentation of authenticity of having held the requisite MOS and served in a Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Team.       Authenticity shall be provided by copy of a DD214 or substantiated by written recommendation from an existing member of the MCITTA.

             “COMBAT IPW” distinction shall be granted when verified by written account in terms of units served, theater of   operation, and numbers of bona fide POWs interrogated.  Supporting documentation shall accompany this affidavit.  Such supporting documentation should include “eyewitness” accounts by registered Regular Members who can attest to the distinction of “COMBAT IPW”.       A Regular Member shall receive from the Association a membership card suitably inscribed to acknowledge membership when and if such card is promulgated.

          5.04.2       Association Member

        A person who is not entitled to become a member of the Association under Articles 5.02 and 5.03 above, may apply for associate Membership.  Decisions on associate membership applications shall be made by the Membership Committee       A spouse of a Regular Member of the MCITTA, upon request, may be granted Associate membership.       Spouses of deceased Marine Interrogators who have met the conditions outlined in the Requirements of eligibility under paragraph 5.02 above may be granted Associate membership upon approval by the Membership committee.

             Sons and daughters of deceased Marine Interrogators who have met the conditions prescribed in the Requirements of eligibility under paragraph 5.02, or who could have met those conditions in the case of the Marines who have been Killed in action, or died prior to the formation of the MCITTA, may be granted Associate membership upon approval by the Membership Committee.

            Upon approval and recommendation of the Membership committee, Associate Member status may be granted to individuals who document interrogation experience from war eras prior to the formation of the Interrogator Translator Teams (ITT) and/or subsequent to the disbanding of these teams.

            Marines who served in the Interpreter Teams in the Vietnam War (MOS 8611 enlisted, or 0270 Officer) and can substantiate actual interrogator experience as an interpreter may be eligible for associate Membership upon recommendation by the Membership Committee and approval of The Commanders.

           An Associate Member shall enjoy the same rights and privileges as a Regular Member but shall not be entitled to vote at meetings of the General Assembly or to stand for election to the Commanders Board.       An associate Member shall receive from the Association a membership card suitably inscribed to acknowledge membership. 

5.04.3       Honorary Member

       Any individual regular Member may nominate noteworthy persons to the Membership committee for Honorary Membership.  A person who holds or is eligible to hold regular membership cannot be an honorary member.       An Honorary Member shall enjoy the same rights and privileges as a Regular Member but shall not be entitled to vote at meetings of the General Assembly or to stand for election to the Commanders Board.

             An Honorary Member shall receive from the Association a scroll and membership card suitably inscribed to acknowledge membership.

             Nomination for Honorary Membership shall be considered a high honor and reserved only for persons who have rendered exceptional and noteworthy service to the MCITTA.  Such persons should be respected and recognized as possessing high moral character and have demonstrated noteworthy leadership and value to the community.  Such nominations shall not be presented frivolously and will only be granted upon careful consideration by the Membership committee with extensive review and unanimous vote of The Commanders.

             No registration fee shall be required for honorary membership.

 5.05      Membership Registry:  Membership registration will be established following the Inaugural gathering to provide a database to identify those Marine Interrogators who wish to be identified as Participating Members and to assist locating ITT friends; to provide background for recording the history of ITT; and to provide for ease of distribution of the Association newsletter and other communiqués necessary when conducting the business of the Association.

          5.05.1       Membership registration from individuals shall be supported by:

         Completion of the Membership Registration form (see Attachment A);       A brief biographical sketch;

              A brief outline of the individual’s current or previous association or interest in the Interrogator Translator Teams;

              A signed statement attesting having held one of the requisite MOSs and/or documented proof (i.e., copy of DD214) of having held the 0250/0251 MOS; and

              A one time registration fee of $25.00.  (See Legacy Pledge under section 6.04.2).

 5.06      Term:  Participating regular Membership shall be permanent.  The Membership committee may recommend to The Commanders that membership of any Regular Member be revoked at any time for good and just reason.  The Commanders shall make the final determination to revoke membership of any individual.  Such determination shall only take effect upon careful review of all pertinent information for cause and unanimous vote by The Commanders.

          5.06.1       A regular Member whose membership has been terminated for cause may appeal to be heard at the General assembly for reinstatement.  A reinstatement must carry a unanimous vote of the assembled membership.

    5.06.2       Associate membership shall be granted for life.  The Membership committee may recommend to The Commanders to revoke the title of Associate Member at any time for cause.  Such determination shall only take effect upon careful review of all pertinent information for good and just reason and unanimous vote by The Commanders.  A recommendation for revocation of membership does not carry a right to appeal.

 5.07 – 5.99 Not allocated


6.01    Fiscal Year:  The Fiscal Year for the Association shall be from 1 October to 30 September. 

6.02    Annual Dues:  Annual dues have not been established for membership in the MCITTA. 

6.02.1    A call for dues shall be made if and when it becomes necessary to maintain fiscal integrity of the Association. 

6.03    Registration Fee:  A one-time registration for membership fee of $25.00 may be assessed. 

6.04    Legacy Pledge:  The Marine corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association bylaws proclaim the MCITTA to be a veteran, non-profit organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code, and as such, all donations are tax deductible within and prescribed by the limits of the law.  The MCITTA operates solely through the generosity of its members.  All donations are gratefully accepted. 

6.04.1    Members may support the MCITTA by making a Legacy Pledge.  Each Pledge will receive a “Certificate of Legacy” which will show support and active participation in the function and administration of the Association.  This Legacy Pledge will provide for the continuing effort to identify, record, and hand down the ITT history and legacy to succeeding generations of Marines. 

6.04.2    Legacy Pledge Levels are designated as follows: 

(1)    $25.00 or less Donation  - Sponsor Legacy

                  Member receives certificate and appropriate recognition

(2)    $50.00 Donation – Commander’s Legacy

                Member receives certificate and appropriate recognition

(3)    $100.00+ Donation – Receives the Patronage Endowment award and special recognition

                 by the Association team Commander. (Miniature Medal) 

6.05    Donations for Association expenses may be solicited through various means such as; raffles, golf tournaments, auctions, etc., solicitation by mail campaigns, and annual fund drives.

6.06    All funds garnered through any solicitous means will be immediately submitted to the Financial Officer for recording and deposited to the established MCITTA bank account and/or disbursed to members who have incurred expenses approved by the Board of Officers. 

6.07    No part of the net earnings of the organization shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons, except that the organization shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in the purpose clause hereof. 

6.08 – 6.99  Not allocated. 


7.01        The Gathering:  a reunion of the members of the MCITTA, hereafter referred to as “The Gathering”, shall be held annually at a designated location that has been approved by the membership for the purpose of camaraderie, fraternity, and good fellowship. 

7.01.1    Gathering locations shall be placed in nomination and selected by vote of the membership at the General Assembly.  Emphasis should be placed on selecting a venue where some Marine Corps activity is located for support; where an appropriate Memorial service can be held; and where interesting and unusual entertainment is available. 

7.01.2    Locations may be anywhere in the world that will enhance and promote the Interrogator Translator Teams linguistic legacy and should be consistent with a theme for “In Country Language Training” as provided in past training agenda for interrogators/linguists. 

7.01.3    Gathering locations should be selected by majority vote of members present two dates in advance with the volunteer host identified.  The host shall be guided by the MCITTA Gathering SOP to designate an adjunct committee to formulate and provide for a memorable event. 

7.01.4    In those years of officer election, the outgoing officers shall preside until adjournment of the Present "Gathering”.  Newly electing officers will be installed at the Banquet or during the Chairman’s Reception at the discretion of the presiding Chairman 

7.02        The General Assembly:  During the Gathering, at least four hours must be allocated, with no conflicting activities, to conduct the Association General Assembly. 

7.02.1    Policy:  The Chairman of the Board shall be the presiding officer.   It is the policy of this Association that the General Assembly shall be conducted openly for all MCITTA members in attendance at the Gathering   Any interpretation of this article shall construe any provision in favor of open and public meetings and forums for all MCITTA members.   Notices and agendas shall be provided for such meetings that contain as much information as necessary to inform the membership of the matters to be discussed and/or decided.   At all meetings, every question shall be decided by majority vote of those present.  Four members of The Commanders Board and 10% of the membership shall constitute a quorum. 

7.02.2    Agenda:  The agenda for the General Assembly will adhere to the following format: 

                              Roll Call The Commanders Board

                              Establish a Quorum of Officers and Members

                              Call to Order

                              Pledge to the Flag


                              Review of the Minutes of the Previous general Assembly

                              Motion to Approve the Minutes as Presented and/or Amended

                              Treasurer’s Report

                              Committees' Chair Reports

                              Old Business Discussed

                              New Business

                              For the Good of the Order         

                              Public Comment

                              Motion to Adjourn 

7.02.3    Motions:  Any member of the Association may place before any General Assembly any motion, notice of which shall be submitted in writing to The Commanders at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of The Gathering and the General Assembly.   Motions may be solicited from the floor in accordance with the established Rules of Order during the Public Comment period.

7.03        Meetings of The Commanders may be held in closed caucus prior to the General Assembly to be designated as “Commander’s Call”.  Such meetings shall be held at the place and time designated by the Chairman to establish proposed agenda items. 

7.04        Strict adherence to Robert’s Rules of Order and this Constitution and Bylaws shall govern the conduct of the General Assembly so far as applicable and when not inconsistent with the instruments of organizational establishment. 

7.05        Persons engaging in unruly conduct during the General assembly shall be asked to leave. 

7.06        The bar shall be closed during the conduct of the General Assembly 

7.07 – 7.99  Not allocated. 



8.01      Amendments to the bylaws may be enacted to amplify the Constitution or to define the rules of operation of the Association. 

8.02      The Commanders in consultation with appropriate counsel may recommend amendments to this Constitution as may be necessary to remain current with accepted rules and procedures, and to ensure the rights of the membership. 

8.03      The general membership may submit proposed amendments to these proceedings in writing to the MCITTA Executive Administrative Assistant 

8.04      All proposals for amendment to this Constitution shall be referred to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee for review and appropriate comment with recommendation as deemed necessary. 

8.05      At the sole discretion of The Commanders, proposed amendments may be circulated to the membership at large along with a referendum ballot. 

8.05.1    When such procedure is followed, a majority vote of 60% of the Regular Participating Membership shall be required for the proposal to be adopted into the Constitution.  This action will constitute ratification of same. 

8.05.2    The Commanders Board may implement a new Bylaw or modify or change an existing Bylaw by unanimous vote, without referendum of the membership at large. 

8.05.3    It shall be considered prudent to pass all proposals for amendment to the Bylaws for review by the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, but this shall not be mandated. 

8.06 – 8.99 Not allocated. 


9.01        The Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association is incorporated in the Sate of California as a nonprofit, war veteran organization. 

9.02        The Internal Revenue Service has approved the Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association as a tax-exempt, war veteran organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code. 

9.03        The elected officers shall act as the Corporate Board of Directors using the following titles: 

         Chairman of the Board                                in lieu of       Chief Executive Officer (President)

         Assistant Chairman of the Board               in lieu of        Chief Operating Officer (Vice President)

         Financial Officer                                         in lieu of         Chief Financial Officer (Financial Secretary)

         Executive Administrative Asst                  in lieu of         Team Chief (secretary)

         Member of the Board                                in lieu of          Member 


10.01    The original Constitution and Bylaws, drafted by Timothy J. Corrigan, was ratified by the original seven founding members on March 17, 2003, the official date of incorporation of the MCITTA and filed with the Secretary of State for the State of California: 

JAMES E. HASKINS, Interim team Commander

HOWARD YOUNG, Interim 1st Sub Team Cdr             HARRY J. TODD, JR., Founding Member

TIMOTHY J. CORRIGAN, Interim 2nd Sub Team Cdr   JAMES W. RIEMER, Founding Member

MITCHELL P. PARADIS, Appointed Team chief         MICHAEL T. BIANCHINO, Founding Member 

10.02    Signatories – This revised Constitution and Bylaws of the Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association was ratified at the 3rd Annual Gathering in Halifax, Nova Scotia on June 30, 2005 by quorum vote of the general membership and the current electorate of officers. 

HARRY J. TODD, JR., Team Commander 

HOWARD YOUNG, 1st  Sub-Team Commander

HOWARD KAHN, 2nd Sub-Team Commander 

DOUGLAS M. BROWER, 3rd Sub-Team commander 




Bylaws are a codification of the rules that an organization will follow in conducting its business.  These Bylaws are binding on The Commanders Board and the membership only within our own operation and only meaningful within our community.  They are only as binding as we, the Association itself, make them.  The Bylaws herein may not contradict the Constitution of the MCITTA and any such conflicting parts will void and nullify the Bylaw in deference to the Constitution.

These Bylaws are the rules and regulations relating to the conduct of the directors, officers, members, and general corporate business.  Although considered part and parcel of the Constitution,, these Bylaws are a private document and will not be filed with any state or incorporating authority. 

These Bylaws are a contract between The Commanders Board and the membership at large to conduct itself in a manner that shall ascertain and maintain the rights of the membership, ensure their trust, and provide for enforceable guidance on procedures and accountability in the operation of the Association business in the effort to maintain transparency of operation and conduct of The Commanders.  

By the informality of these Bylaws, they are more flexible than the articles of incorporation, and shall be easier to amend after review of proposed amendments by appropriate committee, without the requirement of ratification of the membership at large.


1.01    A member of the Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association is defined as any Marine of the Regular or Reserve component or any Veteran Marine who has held the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of 0250 (Officer) or 0251 (Enlisted) and served in an Interrogator Translator Team or who served by TO & E designation in the capacity of Interrogator by any other MOS so assigned for duty of the operating or reserve forces of the United States Marine Corps. 

1.02    A participating Regular Member of the MCITTA is defined as any aforementioned Marine who has filed a Membership Registration Form (See Attachment A) with the Association and has pledged support to the same. 

1.03    Participating Regular Members of the MCITTA have their rights set out in these Bylaws of the Association, to normally include: 

1.03.1    To have their name entered on the Register of Members upon satisfying membership requirements and to be free of any discrimination based on race, gender, nationality of origin, ethnicity, religion, or creed. 

1.03.2    To reasonably expect the Register of Members to be held confidential and not disclosed to any outside party or agency for any commercial purpose. 

1.03.3    To attend, make motions, and second motions, debate, and vote at any General Assembly meeting. 

1.03.4    To stand for any position on The Commanders Board or participate on any committee. 

1.03.5    To inspect a copy of the annual financial statements and the examiner’s audit report at the General Assembly, should they wish to see them. 

1.03.6    To be heard at the General Assembly called for the purpose of determining whether a member should be expelled from membership in the MCITTA. 

1.03.7    To request to be heard in appeal at the General Assembly in accordance with these bylaws if aggrieved. 

1.04    All registered Regular Members are responsible and obliged: 

1.04.1    To support the purpose and objects of the Association. 

1.04.2    To stand for elected office and to serve on committee. 

1.04.3    To vote to choose a governing body that will properly administer the Association and represent the membership equally and fairly. 

1.04.4    To provide for a financial means of support to adequately administer the Association. 

1.04.5    To assist in developing the history of the Interrogator Translator Teams. 

1.04.6    To ensure the Association meetings are conducted in a peaceful manner and to abide by the rulings of The Commanders. 

1.05    A member shall cease to be a member: 

1.05.1    If the member shall by notice in writing resign from membership; or 

1.05.2    If the member shall, by a resolution passed by unanimous vote of The Commanders, be expelled form the Association on the ground that a charge of conduct detrimental to the Association has been brought forward and substantiated. 

1.06    Written notice of a proposed resolution to expel a member shall be forwarded to the member not less than sixty days before the date of the General Assembly at which the resolution is to be moved, and the member shall be given the opportunity to be heard at the General Assembly. 

1.07    If any dispute between any member and The Commanders or the Association should arise, the matter shall be referred to an impartial Special Council for resolution and decision.  The decision of the Special Council shall be binding. 

1.08    No member of the Association may make any public statement on behalf of or in the name of the Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association unless authorized by The Commanders. 


2.01      General – The Commanders board shall be the governing body of the Association and provide policy guidance to and operational oversight of all business and management of the Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association.  Additionally, The Board has the primary duty to exercise fiduciary responsibility in the best interests of the Association and its membership, and to discharge fiscal prudence in all ventures of commerce and contracting for the Association. 

2.02      The Commanders Board, herein and in the Constitution referred to as “The Commanders” or “The Board”, shall consist of the following designated elected officers: 

2.02.1    The Chairman of the Board; 

2.02.2    The Assistant Chairman of the Board; 

2.02.3    The  Financial Officer; 

2.02.4    The Executive Administrative Assistant; and 

2.02.5     Members of the Board 

2.02.6     Ex Officio Officers: The Association Historian and Members At Large 

2.03      The members of the Commanders Board shall be elected by show of hands of attending members at the annual Gathering Business Meetings requiring election or polling of the membership at the General Assembly. 

2.04      The term of office for each elected officer of The Board except the Financial Officer shall be no more than two consecutive one-year terms. These Board members shall be elected by a show of hands from the membership present at the Annual General Assembly. 

2.05      A person cannot be elected or hold office as a member of The Commanders board for more than two consecutive one-year terms.  A person may be again nominated for office after a period being out of office for three ensuing terms. 

2.06      An officer of The Commanders Board shall cease to hold office if he ceases to be a member of the Association, or if he resigns his office, or if by reason of infirmity, absence, or any other reason the Association and The commanders are of the opinion that he has ceased to be an effective member of The Board. 

2.07      If at any time, the number of members of The Commanders Board is less than six, an additional member, or members may be appointed by the Chairman to fill the vacancies and said person shall be eligible for election at the next Assembly. 

2.08      Any vacancy in office may be filled by the Chairman of the Board with the approval of the remaining members of The Commanders Board.  Any member of The Commanders board selected in this way shall retain the office until the next election of officers and shall be eligible for election. 

2.09      The Commanders may meet to attend to its business and the business of the Association as often as it considers necessary, but must meet in quorum at the General Assembly.  With reasonable notice provided, meetings of The Commanders outside the General Assembly may be conducted by any convenient means, e.g., mail, email, phone, etc. 

2.10      The Executive Administrative Assistant or such person designated by the Chairman of the Board shall keep proper minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of The Commanders. 

2.11      The Commanders shall be responsible for the efficient management and control of the affairs of the Association in accordance with these Bylaws and the Constitution of the MCITTA, and for that purpose may exercise the powers of the Association as if they had been expressly conferred on The Board by the membership at the General Assembly. 

2.12      In addition to such other duties as may be assigned, The Commanders shall be responsible for: 

2.12.1    The conduct of all business for the Association and is the sole authority so empowered; 

2.12.2    The appointment of subcommittees of the Association, which may include members of The Commanders to carry out any project or business of the Association; 

2.12.3    The accounting for, control of, and expenditure of all funds of the Association in accordance with standard accounting procedures; 

2.12.4    The collection, administration, and accounting for all membership fees and donations; 

2.12.5    The production and issue of Association certificates and Association awards; 

2.12.6    Setting rates for minimal profit to be charged for all goods produced and for sale in the Gear Locker; 

2.12.7    If necessary, the assessment of annual dues for membership. 

2.13      Terms of Office – The term of office for members of The Commanders Board shall be as follows: 

2.13.1    The Chairman of the Board shall hold office for not more than two consecutive one-year terms; 

2.13.2    The Assistant Chairman of the Board shall hold office for not more than two consecutive one-year terms; 

2.13.3    The Financial Officer may serve in office for a period in excess of two consecutive one-year terms, but not more than four consecutive one-year terms, he may not serve more than four consecutive terms of office as Financial Officer; 

2.13.4    The Executive Administrative Assistant may not serve in office for a period in excess of two consecutive one-year terms, he may not serve more than two consecutive terms in the office of Administrative Assistant; 

2.13.5    Members of the Board may not serve in office for a period in excess of two consecutive one-year terms, they may not serve more than two consecutive terms of office as untitled members of the Board; 

2.13.6    A Member At Large shall be elected in accordance with the total membership listed on the rolls and shall serve not more than four years; 

2.13.7     The tenure of Ex-Officio Officers shall not be restricted

2.13.8     The Association Historian shall serve for as long as mutually agreed upon, he shall have limited authority on the Commander’s Board as an Ex-Officio Officer. 

2.14      Protection of The Commanders Board – No member of The Commanders Board shall be liable for the act, deceit, neglect, or default of any other Board member, or for joining in any deceit or other act for conformity, or for any loss or expense occurring to the Association through the insufficiency or deficiency of title to any property acquired by order of The Commanders for or on behalf of the Association, for the insufficiency or deficiency of any security in or upon which any of the monies of the Association shall be invested, or for any loss or damage arising from the bankruptcy, insolvency, or tortuous act of any person with whom any of the monies, securities, or effects of the Association shall be deposited, or for any loses occasioned by any error of judgment or oversight on his part, or for any other loss, damage, or misfortune, whatever which shall happen in the execution of the duties of his office or in relation thereto unless the same shall happen through his own dishonesty. 

2.15      Indemnity of The Commanders – Every member of The Commanders Board and his heirs, executors, and administrators, and estate and effects respectively, from time to time at all times, shall be indemnified and save harmless out of the fund of the Association, from and against: 

2.15.1    All costs, charges, and expenses whatsoever which such commander member sustains or incurs in the general interest of the Association and its operation, providing substantiating receipts and statements are produced; 

2.15.2    All costs, charges, and expenses that he sustains or incurs in or about or in relation to the affairs thereof providing substantiating receipts and statements are produced; except such costs, charges, or expenses as are occasioned by his own willful neglect or default. 

2.16      No member of The Commanders Board shall hold the Association libel for or about any action, suit or proceeding which is brought, commenced, or prosecuted against him, for or in respect of any act, deed, or matter whatsoever, made, done, or permitted by him, in or about the execution of the duties of his office occasioned by his own willful neglect or default. 

2.17      Duties of The Commanders – Each person who is a member of The Commanders Board has a duty to act in that position with honesty, diligence, and reasonable care, and shall not make improper use of information and opportunities received through said position. 

2.18      Functions of the Officers – The functions and duties of each office shall include: 

2.18.1    Duties of the Chairman of the Board:    Act as the President / Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board for the Association and is responsible for the management and control of the Association’s business in accordance with the provisions of the MCITTA Constitution and these Bylaws;    Be responsible for all matters of policy relating to the operation of the Association;   Be responsible for and ensure the safekeeping and accounting of all funds and property held in trust;   Cause an annual audit of the MCITTA treasury and receive and review all audits of general accounting of the MCITTA treasury;   Act as the presiding officer at all meetings of The commanders and at the General Assembly;   Ensure that proceedings of all meetings are recorded;   Receive, review, and sign all minutes of all meetings of The Commanders and of the Biennial general Assembly;   Deliver the Chairman’s State of the Association at the General Assembly and to post this report to the Association website;   Cast a vote only when necessary to establish a majority vote;  Ensure that the Assistant Chairman of the Board is available in the event of his absence. 

2.18.2    Duties of the Assistant Chairman of the Board:   Act as the Vice President / Chief Operating Officer/Assistant Chairman of the Board for the Association and be responsible for its day-to-day management in compliance with the MCITTA Constitution and these Bylaws;   The Assistant Chairman of the Board reports directly to the Chairman of the Board;   Understudy the Chairman’s position and assist in the discharge of the Chairman’s duties;   Be the presiding officer / chairperson of assigned committees;   Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chairman of the Board;   Assume the duties of the Chairman when required by vacancy or excused absence of the Chairman of the Board. 

2.18.3    Duties of the Financial Officer:   Act as the Financial secretary / Chief Financial Officer for the association and is primarily responsible for financial planning and record-keeping in accordance with the MCITTA Constitution and these Bylaws;   Ensure the accounts of the association are kept by means of an appropriate, recognizable, and acceptable system of accounting;   Ensure all payments out of moneys of the Association are correctly made and properly authorized;   Ensure adequate control is maintained over the assets of the Association and over the incurring of liabilities by the Association;   Develop and prepare and annual operating budget and submit it to The Board;   Initiate and annual audit of all accounting methods and financial responsibilities of the Association in accordance with section 3 of these Bylaws;   Report the annual audit to the General Assembly;   Coordinate and supervise fund raising operations of the Association;   With the approval of The commanders and by vote of the General Assembly, initiate an annual call for dues, receive all dues, and deposit and safeguard all dues;              The Financial Officer or designate will oversee the operations of The Gear Locker. 

2.18.4    Duties of the Association Historian:   Act as the Association Historian and shall be responsible to The Board for promoting any activity designed to enhance and develop the history of the Interrogator Translator Teams and the interrogation field of the Marine Corps;   To collect, catalogue, preserve, and display any and all items of historical interest promoting the legacy of the Interrogator Translator Teams;   Research and preserve unit histories and other combat citations of all ITTs;   Memorabilia Display – Be responsible for any memorabilia collected by the Association which shall be presented to the Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center in Dam Neck, VA for display with the Colonel Donald G. Cook memorial or appropriate designated display;   Coordinate all activities under advisement and in cooperation with the Historical Committee. 

2.18.5    Duties of the  Executive Administrative Assistant:   Act as the Association Chief Administration Officer with duties of conducting all administrative matters for the Association;   Maintain a record of all identified persons who have held the interrogator MOS;   Maintain a record of all Participating Registered Members to include their name, mailing address, and amounts of donations;   Maintain a file on all Participating Registered Members to include their registration form and all other matters pertaining to that individual;   Ensure that the Register of Members is available during the annual audit;   Prepare and dispatch all certificates of Legacy and membership cards;   Responsible for the general management and updating of all Association publications and SOP manuals;   Conduct correspondence on behalf of the Association;   Prepare correspondence for the Chairman of the Board;        

        Record the proceedings of all meetings of the Commanders Board and the General Assembly;  Prepare the Minutes of all meetings for signature by the Chairman of the Board;  Maintain an ongoing file of the Minutes of all meetings;  Safe keep the constitution and Bylaws and enter approved amendments thereto. 

2.19      From time to time, The Commander Board may vary, add to, or limit the powers and duties of any member of The Commanders without vote of the General Assembly. 


3.01    General- The fiscal Year for the Association shall be from 1 October to 30 September of the calendar year. 

3.02    All funds and/or property of the Association not subject to any special trust shall be available at the discretion of The Commanders for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the Association. 

3.03    With approval of the Chairman, the  Financial Officer may disburse Association money to any member who has provided a receipt for legitimate expenses incurred on behalf of the Association. 

3.04    Banking – The association shall establish a bank account with any federally insured bank, trust company, institution, credit union, or corporation carrying on a banking business that is convenient for the Financial Officer to conduct the fiscal business of the Association. 

3.05    The Commanders may designate, direct, or authorize from time to time by resolution and to the extent therein provided, including but without restricting the generality of the forgoing, the operation of the Association accounts to include: 

3.05.1    The making, signing, drawing, accepting, endorsing, negotiating, lodging, deposition, or transferring of any checks, promissory notes, drafts, acceptance, bills of exchange or orders for the payment of money; 

3.05.2    To giving of receipts for the orders for relating to any property of the Association, the execution of any agreement relating to any such banking business and defining the rights and powers of the parties thereto; 

3.05.3    The authorizing of any officer of such bank to do any act or thing on the association’s behalf to facilitate such banking business; 

3.05.4    All checks, transfers, assignments, contract, and obligations of behalf of the Association shall be signed by any two (2) officers;   The Chairman of the Board (Chief Executive Officer);   The  Assistant Chairman of the Board (Chief Operating Officer); and /or   The Financial Officer (Chief Financial Officer). 

3.06    In addition, the Commanders may at any time and from time to time direct the manner in which the person or persons by whom any particular deed, transfer, assignment, contract, obligation, or check of the association may or shall be signed, and who may be authorized for such signature. 

3.07    The Association’s bank must be informed in writing by The Board when and if there is any change to the names of those authorized to sign checks and withdrawal forms. 

3.08    Annual Audit – As soon as practicable after 1 January but no later than 1 April annually, the Chairman of the Board shall cause the Financial Officer to initiate and Annual Audit: 

3.08.1    To examine whether the Commanders Board and the Association have complied with the obligations imposed by the Constitution and these bylaws during the previous fiscal year ending on 30 September; 

3.08.2    Whether the balance sheet and accounting of income and expenditure statements are based on proper accounting methods and the account records are in agreement with those accounts and records; 

3.08.3    To initiate the annual filing of income tax report in accordance with the IRS code. 

3.09    The filing of the Statement of Information required by the State of California pursuant to the statutory filing provisions found in California Corporations Code Sections 6210, 8210, or 9660, which states in part,

* Every domestic nonprofit corporation shall file a statement with the Secretary of state…biennially during the applicable filing period.  The applicable filing period for a corporation is the end of the calendar month during which its original Articles of Incorporation were filed and the immediately preceding five calendar months.  If the name and/or address of the Agent for Service of Process have changed, a corporation must file a complete statement.  A corporation is required to file a statement even though it may not be actively engaged in business at the time this statement is due.” 

This Statement of Information must be filed between 1 January and 31 March annually beginning in 2004 or as directed by the State of California or by the state of incorporation. 

3.10    The Financial Officer shall make a full report and accounting of MCITTA funds and expenses at the Gathering General Assembly. 

3.11    Donations and Fees – The Association shall issue official receipts for all moneys received in donation in excess of $250.  Such receipts are required by the Internal Revenue Service and to express the appreciation of the Association for the member support. 

3.12    All funds of the Association shall, in the first instance, be deposited in a bank account of the Association as soon as practical following the day of receipt. 

3.13    Dissolving the Association – The Association may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a majority of at least three-quarters of the Commanders board and three-quarters of the Participating Registered Members with voting rights.  The resolution of dissolution shall specify an appropriate means of disposing any remaining Association assets and moneys by transferring them to another nonprofit entity, namely the Marine Corps Heritage Center at Quantico, VA. 


4.01     General – All meetings of the Association shall be conduced in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order

4.02     At all meetings every question shall be decided by a majority of the votes cast by participants in the meeting. 

4.03     Any member may place any motion before the General Assembly.  Such motions, whenever practical shall be submitted in writing to the Team Commander at least thirty (30) days prior to the General Assembly. 

4.04     All questions and motions presented at any meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes cast by show of hands of those present.  Four members of the Commanders Board and at least ten percent (10%) of the Participating Registered Members being present shall constitute a quorum. 

4.05     The General Assembly – The Association shall schedule a General Assembly membership meeting during the Annual Gathering.  The order of business at this General Assembly shall be: 

4.05.1    To confirm the minutes of the last General Assembly and accept them into the record; 

4.05.2    To receive from the Commanders and from the committees, reports concerning the activities and business of the Association during the preceding fiscal years, including the results of the annual audits; 

4.05.3    To conduct such other business as the meeting agenda require; 

4.05.4    To appoint Members At Large through approved methods; 

4.05.5    To appoint elected commanders from General Assembly/Business Meeting nominations and the members attending. 

4.06     At no time shall boisterous and unruly behavior that is disruptive to the meeting of the General Assembly be tolerated. 

4.06.1    Failure to comply with prescribed Robert’s Rules of Order shall be grounds for dismissal from the Assembly. 

4.06.2    Any member engaging in behavior that is deemed disruptive shall be asked to leave the Assembly. 

4.06.3    Drinking of alcoholic beverages during the General Assembly is not permitted and will be grounds for dismissal from the Assembly. 

4.07     Executive Meetings – The Chairman may call an executive meeting at any time.  Meetings of the Commanders may be held by email, regular mail, or by phone.  Proposed agenda items shall be provided to the respective members of The Board at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting.  Four members of The Commanders Board present shall constitute a quorum. 

4.08     The Chairman should conduct a virtual meeting at least annually. 


5.01        The Commanders Board may at any time appoint a committee from the Association list of Participating Regular Members and shall determine the responsibilities and powers of the committee to address specific issues and business of the Association. 

5.02        Committees are either standing or ad hoc (the latter also known as a “special committee”). 

5.03        Unless otherwise indicated, the committee chairperson will report to the Chairman of the Board. 


6.01       Policy – It shall be the policy of MCITTA that Participating regular Members, through the MCITTA Awards Program, receive tangible recognition for acts of exceptional service or achievement in developing and furthering the cause of the Association. 

6.01.1    Based upon review and recommendation of the Awards committee, the Board shall make a determination as to the merits of approving the award or presentation of the decoration and other determinations necessary to comply with the spirit and intent of this program. 

6.01.2    All awards and decorations are to be presented by appropriate ceremony during the Gathering banquet or Commander’s Reception at the Commander’s discretion. 

6.01.3    This awards program is intended to recognize long and faithful service to the MCITTA.  It is only with assiduousness that these awards will carry meaning and prove significant.  Frivolous and generalized presentations of awards diminishes their import and render them insignificant.  Due diligence is mandatory in administering this program. 

6.02       Responsibilities – Specific responsibilities involving individual awards and recognition are outlined in the MCITTA Awards Manual.  The general responsibilities involving the management of the MCITTA Awards Program are as follows: 

6.02.1    The Chairman shall adjudicate all recommendations for awards, and submit all nominations to the Awards committee for review and recommendation; 

6.02.2    The Assistant Chairman shall provide the policy and guidance to manage the MCITTA Awards Program; 

6.02.3    The Administrative Assistant shall develop, publish, and maintain the MCITTA Awards Manual under guidance and oversight with the Assistant Chairman; 

6.02.4    The Administrative Assistant shall receive all nominations for awards and process them for adjudication by the Chairman and forwarding to the Awards Committee; 

6.02.5    The Administrative Assistant shall prepare all certificates for approved awards and procure the appropriate decoration. 

6.03       Criteria for awards and procedures for nomination are contained in the MCITTA Awards Manual and shall be strictly followed.

6.04       Nominations for awards shall be presented in writing with a full accounting of what the individual has done to be recognized and shall be presented to the Board.  The Chairman has final authority to forward the recommendation to the Awards Committee. 


7.01     Policy – The Association may make available various items of identification and memorabilia for sale to the membership.  The Association emblem may be incorporated into these items. 

7.01.1    The Association Gear Locker shall be the name of the enterprise and shall operate under the authority of The Commanders Board. 

7.01.2    The Commanders board shall be the approving authority for all items brought into use or sold through The Gear Locker. 

7.01.3    Responsibility for the operation of The Gear Locker shall rest with the Financial Officer and/or the Gear Locker Custodian. 

7.02     Accountability – The Financial Officer is authorized to approve expenses incurred in the replenishment of stock up to a determined value by The Commanders Board. 

7.02.1    Inventory retail accountability reports shall be prepared annually to conform to the annual audit and income tax requirements.  The Financial Officer shall coordinate this activity with the Gear Locker Custodian. 

7.02.2    All sales will normally be on a cash basis only.  Mail orders should include a check or money order for the amount of the purchase plus 10% for postage and handling. 

7.02.3    An invoice shall accompany any order shipped with a copy retained for the record and accountability. 

7.02.4    Exchanges of items will be permitted at the discretion of the Gear Locker Custodian. 

7.02.5    The Gear Locker merchandise will be advertised on the MCITTA website.  The Custodian is encouraged to bring items of the Gathering to be made available to the membership attending. 

7.03     Purchasing and Procurement – Articles of a variety will be procured, whenever possible, to meet the Association requirements and in the best financial interest of the Association.  The Gear Locker Custodian is authorized to: 

7.03.1    Utilize vendors and suppliers throughout the world markets; 

7.03.2    Purchase articles of the highest quality, in both material and artwork, commensurate with and acceptable price; 

7.03.3    Procure articles in sufficient quantities without maintaining overstock, yet take advantage of bulk ordering prices; 

7.03.4    A periodic review of items and recommendations for new and varied items will be submitted to The Commanders Board for consideration. 


8.01     General – The Association shall operate a newsletter for disseminating information and reports to the general membership. 

8.01.1    The name of the Association newsletter shall be The Spot Report; 

8.01.2    The Spot report shall be the only official newsletter of the MCITTA; 

8.01.3    The newsletter shall be published at least semi-annually to coincide with announcing the Gathering and providing an “after action report” of the Gathering proceedings; 

8.01.4    The cost of publishing The Spot Report shall be borne by the Association from the general operating fund. 

8.01.5    The E-Bulletin shall be an instrument for the dissemination of time critical information, It shall be issued on an as needed basis and the cost shall be borne by donation when possible or from the General operating  fund. 

8.02     DistributionThe Spot report will be distributed to all members contained on the mailing list regardless of registered status via electronic means. 

8.02.1    Copies will be mailed to other Marine Corps intelligence related associations; i.e. the Marine Corps Intelligence Association, the Marine Corps Counterintelligence Association, the Marine Corps Cryptologic Association, and the committee of Marine Corps Intelligence Association. 

8.02.2    Copies to other interested agencies will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

8.03     Content – The content of The Spot report will maintain the highest journalistic standards.  Vulgarity, slander, triteness, and generally uninteresting or not relevant subjects will be avoided.  When possible, the following subjects shall be addressed, but it not limiting:

8.03.1    The Chairman’s notes and notices; 

8.03.2    Reports from other members of The Board, especially the Members at Large; 

8.03.3    Association updates, meeting announcements and reports, financial statements, and awards presented; 

8.03.4    Association social activities shall be widely reported; 

8.03.5    Association policy and policy changes are to be given widest dissemination; 

8.03.6    Special features such as articles of an intelligence nature, especially those relating to interrogation and/or language specialties; 

8.03.7    Articles relating to the research, exploration, and recording of the history of Marine Corps combat POW interrogation and the Interrogation Translation Teams shall be given the highest priority and utmost attention. 

8.04     Responsibility – The Editor will be designated at the pleasure of the Chairman.  The Editor shall be a person who has some knowledge and background in composing and publishing such a journal. 

8.04.1    Writing, editing, publishing, and distributing the letter shall be the responsibility of The Spot Report Editor. 

8.04.2    Publishing and mailing costs of the newsletter shall come from Association funds. 

8.04.3    The Editor will submit an annual budget to the Commanders Board for approval. 

8.04.4    The Financial Officer is authorized to reimburse the Editor for expenses incurred when provided with receipts and substantiation of legitimacy of purpose. 

8.04.5    All final authority for content and expense of publication rest with The Commanders. 

8.05     The production of this newsletter, The Spot report, and the E-Bulletin is a complex task.  One person cannot be the entire staff.  All members are encouraged to cooperate in the production of this newsletter by volunteering time and material.  Submissions of articles, pictures, and historical account are all paramount if success for the newsletter is to be achieved.  All such material will be utilized for the journal and remitted to the Association Historian for inclusion in compiling the ITT history.  Submit all articles and material directly to the Editor. 


9.01     General – The Association shall establish a website on the World Wide Web.  The website will be used for making the presence of the Association known and available to members and others who are interested in our purpose. 

9.02     Ultimately our purpose is to share information and our history and to provide a recruitment vehicle as our primary goal.  With this in mind, our site is put forth with a conscious effort to appear and to present a degree of professionalism that emphasizes recruitment as its focus. 

9.03     Responsibility – The Chairman shall designate a “Website Coordinator” whose duties shall be to oversee the content and development of the Association website.  The recruitment intent has important consequences for content, navigation, organization of the site, and design.  Primarily, the Website Coordinator shall be charged with the responsibility of: 

9.03.1    The development, design, direction, management, and maintenance of the website;

9.03.2    Writing and/or editing all materials for the site; 

9.03.3    Provide continuity during transitions of The Commanders; 

9.03.4    Working closely with The Commanders and the various committees to ensure that the website is serving its intended purpose. 

9.04     The Website Coordinator shall develop a team concept with the website publisher/author, also known as a “Webmaster”.   The Webmaster is the technical expert with regards to authoring software, programming, and graphic design. 

9.05     The Webmaster has been given the technical permission to place files in and remove files from the Association website on the web server.  Web server service is provided by Texas (Mar2010) in pro bono goodwill. 

9.06     The website domain name <> has been purchased for five (5) years in the year 2003.  This domain name will be required to renew in the year 2008 (Renewed up to 2013 presently). The Webmaster and the web server companies will initiate this requirement. 

9.07     Currently, there is no cost involved in operating the Association website.  Should the pro bono services currently provided become unavailable, budget considerations must be initiated. 

9.08     Only one website coordinator shall be designated and only that person shall be in contact with Web Server and the Webmaster. 


10.01    These bylaws may be amended by majority vote of The Commanders Board with ratification of the General Assembly. 

10.02    All amendments will be incorporated and annotated in the original and filed with the principal document. 


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