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For questions concerning membership or any general information about the MCITTA, please fill out the membership form. You will receive an answer promptly.

MCITTA is trying to expand our database by locating former members of the Interrogator Translator Teams. You can get on our mailing list or Join us on Facebook to receive all notices and information concerning our Annual Gathering by contacting us below.

Please be complete and fill in all sections . Include in the comments section your dates of USMC(R) service, MOS's held, rank held, discharge or retirement date, ITT's assigned, and any combat tours with actual POW interrogation. Be sure to include your email address.

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We welcome and encourage your input and participation in your Association. If you have questions or comments about the MCITTA, you may contact any of the officers listed below; or print out the Comment Form, fill out and mail to National Headquarters. You will receive an answer promptly.

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Please notify MCITTA by any of the above means of the names and addresses of any former members of ITT during any era for inclusion to the mailing list. We are attempting to increase our database to ensure we reach as many ITT members as possible. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


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