April 25, 2004, 9:00 a.m. San Antonio, Texas


  1. The Second annual General Assembly of the MCITTA was called to order by the presiding Team Commander, Harry J. Todd, Jr. at 0902 on April 25, 2004 in the Sheraton Four Points.
    1. A formal protocol on procedures to conduct the General Assembly is pending. The meeting proceeded with an air of informality under Robert’s Rules of Order.
    2. A formal Roll Call was not conducted. Officers in attendance were: Team Commander Harry J. Todd, Jr.; 1st Sub-Team Commander Howard Young; and Team Chief Mitchell P. Paradis. Absent with notification were: 2nd Sub-Team Commander Howard Kahn and 3rd Sub-Team Commander Douglas Brower. A quorum of officers was established.
    3. Rank and File members in attendance: Michael Bianchino; Ronald Bragdon; Felix Conde; Frank Espinosa; Zacharias Fuentes; James Haskins; Richard Hornbeak; Donald James; Brian Jones; Allen Kent; James Kerley; Anthony Milavic; James Riemer; Jeff Smith; Willard Thoma; Harold Weist. A quorum of 10% of the membership was established.
  2. The Minutes of the Inaugural General Assembly Meeting held in Las Vegas is 2003 were not available for reading. The membership accepted the minutes without reading by unanimous vote.

Team Commander Harry Todd reported on the State of the Association. He stated the Association continues to move forward in positive strides. He expressed his vision of a membership of 250 by 2006 as the Association continues to locate and identify past Marine Interrogators.

Due to personal considerations, Timothy Corrigan relinquished his elected position as the 2nd Sub-Team Commander (Financial Secretary). The Team Commander appointed Howard Kahn of North Carolina to the position to serve until the next general election.

Timothy Corrigan accepted appointment as the Association Chaplain with primary duties to preside over the annual Memorial Services.

  2. A finance report from 2nd Sub-Team Commander Howard Kahn, in absentia, was read and accepted. (See Attachment A) Current balance in the treasury is $1,538.31.

    Team Commander Harry Todd reported the Gear Locker account currently carries a balance of $1,591.06. This figure does not reflect the initial outlay of funds by the TC to defray the cost of production of items carried in the Gear Locker.

    A report from Frank Espinosa indicated that the costs of the Gathering were covered and all bills were paid. He indicated a surplus of some $500 would be forwarded to the 2nd Sub for deposit to the Association bank account. A complete account will follow.

    Member Ron Bragdon moved to accept the Financial Report as presented. Richard Hornbeak seconded the motion. It was accepted moved by unanimous vote.

    1. The Membership Committee was the only committee tasked at the Inaugural Gathering and the only committee reporting at this meeting.
    2. Upon presentation by Mitchell Paradis of the Membership Committee report (See Attachment B) a discussion followed concerning eligibility for membership.
    3. Discussion followed on continuing the "no dues" requirement for membership in the MCITTA. A proposal for donations based on Legacy Pledges centered on modifying the classifications and amounts of the requested donations. Howard Young proposed that only three donation categories be utilized: $25 for a Support Legacy certificate; $50 for a Commander’s Legacy certificate; and $100 for a Patronage Endowment certificate.
    4. At the conclusion of the discussion period a motion to accept the Membership Committee report was made by Anthony Milavic and seconded by Ron Bragdon and voted unanimously to accept.
    5. Member Zack Fuentes volunteered to do research on locating past members of the Interrogator Translator Teams to include them on the mailing roster.
    1. The Team Commander reintroduced the matter of MCITTA participating in the Marine Corps Tri-Association Intelligence Committee (MCTAIC) based on a consensus of all members by vote ballot. This matter was addressed at the Inaugural General Assembly and tabled for further investigation.
    2. Participation in the MCTAIC will involve the following conditions:

      1. The MCITTA remains completely autonomous in all matters;
      2. MCITTA may withdraw participation at any time;
      3. MCITTA participation will not impose financial responsibility;
      4. Liaison Officers may be appointed at the discretion of the Team Commander to represent the MCITTA and will act only as informational conduits functioning at the pleasure of the membership.
    3. James Haskins and Howard Young were selected to be the MCITTA representatives to the MCTAIC with limited and specified decision-making authority.
    4. A vote of the membership was held with the following results:
      1. Ayes — IN PERSON — 10 MAIL IN — 27
      2. Nays — IN PERSON — 07 MAIN IN —03
    5. Jim Haskins and Howard Young will attend the MCTAIC convention in Reno, NV during September 2004 and make a full report to the MCITTA membership.
    1. Team Commander Todd recommended the creation of an ad hoc committee to review, modify or change the existing MCITTA charter, constitution and bylaws. The will be charged with making definitive and detailed recommendations by the following annual Gathering in June-July of 2005 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
    2. Members of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall be Michael Furgal, Jeff Smith, Robert Werkle and Richard Tanner. Mike Furgal will chair the committee.

    3. An Advisory Committee was proposed to provide the Team Commander with a "cabinet" for counsel and guidance in matters of governing the Association.
    4. Members to this Advisory Committee shall be Alan Kent, Robert Farmer, and Harold Weiss. These three members were selected for their national level involvement in other similar organizations. Their first function will be to review the recommendations of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.

    5. A recommendation for the position of Service Officer is created. The Service Officer shall function as the representative of the MCITTA to contact the families of members who pass away. The Service Officer will acquire a short biography of the member to be remembered at the MCITTA annual Memorial Service.
    6. James Riemer was selected to fill this appointed position to serve at the pleasure of the Team Commander.

    7. The position of Officer of Service is required. This must be a resident of person who resides in the State of California and will act as the Agent of Service for the MCITTA Corporation with the State. This is considered to be the most expedient and less costly approach.
    8. Howard Young has volunteered for this position and has submitted the required paper work to the office of the California Secretary of State. These documents must be filed annually.

    9. The position of Association Chaplain was proposed. Timothy Corrigan has accepted the first appointment as Chaplain to serve at the pleasure of the Team Commander.
    10. A vote was called for on the above proposals and unanimously approved.
    11. GATHERING — A motion was made by Mitchell Paradis to hold the Gathering on biennial dates vice annually. After much debate as to pros and cons, a motion to hold the Gathering on an annual basis was made by Ron Bragdon and seconded by Luke Thoma. The ensuing vote carried with three dissenting votes.

The next Gathering will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mitchell Paradis will be the host. A report from Paradis indicates plans are well underway and his presentation was most inviting. From a show of hands, 15 members present indicated they would attend.

Site suggestions for the 2006 Gathering were called. No one brought forth a proposal, therefore, it was suggested by Mitchell Paradis that we return to Las Vegas for 2006. Howard Young volunteered to be the host. A vote for Las Vegas was called for and the Las Vegas proposal passed unanimously.


There being no further business of the Association brought forward, a motion to adjourn was made by Felix Conde and seconded by Frank Espinosa. The General Assembly Meeting of the MCITTA adjourned at 1050. The MCITTA will gather in 2005 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and will hold the next General Assembly meeting during June-July 2005.

Respectfully Submitted

Mitchell P. Paradis
Team Chief, MCITTA



Period 3/03/03 - 3/12/04

1. Income

(a) Donations$2,642.00

(b) Interest (Checking Account) 1.30



3. Total funds as of 3/12/04$1,539.61

Respectfully submitted,

Howard Kahn

2nd Sub-Team Commander, MCITTA



    1. The MCITTA shall not discriminate in terms of membership eligibility based on gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion or creed.


    3. A Membership Committee shall be formed consisting as a minimum of the MCITTA Team Chief as the chairperson, one Member at Large and two to five Regular members to review membership registrations and eligibility. Any questionable applications will be presented to the elected officers of the MCITTA, hereafter referred to as The Executive, with the findings and recommendation for decision of approval or non-approval for membership.
    4. All recommendations for general policy change by the Membership Committee must meet with unanimous approval of The Executive prior to enacting any action.
    5. Any division of vote by The Executive regarding any policy change will be presented by referendum to the membership at large and any action of The Executive may be superseded by majority vote of the membership to such a referendum.
    6. The Membership Committee shall review all nominations for Associate and Honorary Membership and make their recommendation for approval or non-approval to The Executive.



    8. All Marines, Regular and Reserve component, Retired, and Veteran Marines honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, who have held the MOS 0250 (Officer) or 0251 (Enlisted) and have served in any Interrogator Translator Team are considered members of the Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association.


Additionally, the following persons may be considered eligible for membership:

    1. all serving or former members of the Armed Forces of the United States, who were designated as Marine Interrogators and held either of the aforementioned MOSs; or
    2. Marines currently serving or having formerly and honorably served in the Regular or Reserve components of the United States Marine Corps, who have held an interrogator Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) designator issued by competent authority in accordance with Marine Corps directives in effect at the time of their service, and have honorably served in the capacity of an Interrogator, Prisoner of War; or
    3. such other persons as may be recommended by The Membership Committee and approved unanimously by The Executive.



    1. There shall be three types of Registered Membership in the Association ¾ Regular, Associate and Honorary:

4.07.1 Regular Member

    1. All persons who meet the Requirements of Eligibility under paragraphs 4.06 above shall be granted Regular membership on presentation of authenticity of having held the requisite MOS and served in a Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Team.
    2. Authenticity shall be provided by copy of a DD214 or substantiated by written recommendation from an existing member of the MCITTA.
    3. "combat ipw" distinction shall be granted when verified by written account in terms of units served, theater of operation and numbers of bona fide POWs interrogated. Supporting documentation shall accompany this affidavit.
    4. A Regular Member shall receive from the Association a membership card suitably inscribed to acknowledge membership.

4.07.2 Associate Member

    1. A spouse of a Regular Member of the MCITTA, upon request, may be granted Associate membership.
    2. Spouses of deceased Marine Interrogators who have met the conditions outlined in the Requirements of Eligibility under paragraph 4.06 above may be granted Associate membership upon approval by the Membership Committee.
    3. Sons and daughters of deceased Marine Interrogators who have met the conditions prescribed in the Requirements of Eligibility under paragraph 4.06, or who could have met these conditions in the case of Marines who have been Killed in Action, or died prior to the formation of the MCITTA, may be granted Associate membership upon approval.
    4. Upon approval and recommendation of the Membership Committee, Associate Member status may be granted to individuals who document interrogation experience from war eras prior to the formation of the Interrogator Translator Teams (ITT) and/or subsequent to the disbanding of these teams.
    5. Marines who served in the Interpreter Teams in the Vietnam War (MOS 8611 enlisted, or 0270 Officer) and can substantiate actual interrogator experience as an interpreter, may be eligible for Associate Membership upon recommendation by the Membership Committee and approval of The Executive.
    6. An Associate Member shall have all of the rights and privileges of a Regular Member except an Associate Member may not:

(1) hold any executive office in the Association, nor

    1. vote on financial matters of the Association.
    1. An Associate Member shall receive from the Association a membership card suitably inscribed to acknowledge membership.

4.07.3 Honorary Member

    1. Any individual Regular member may nominate noteworthy persons to the Membership Committee for Honorary membership. A person who holds or is eligible to hold Regular membership cannot be an honorary member.
    2. An Honorary Member shall have all of the rights and privileges of a Regular Member except that an Honorary Member may not:

(1) hold any executive office in the Association, nor

(2) vote on financial matters of the Association.

    1. An Honorary Member shall receive from the Association a scroll and membership card suitably inscribed to acknowledge membership.
    2. Nomination for Honorary Membership shall be considered a high honor and reserved only for persons who have rendered exceptional and noteworthy service to the MCITTA. Such persons should be respected and recognized as possessing high moral character and have demonstrated noteworthy leadership and value to the community. Such nominations shall not be presented frivolously and will only be granted upon careful consideration by the Membership Committee with extensive review and unanimous vote of The Executive.


4.08 Membership Registration will be established following the Inaugural Gathering to provide a database of Marine Interrogators to assist locating long lost ITT friends; to provide background for recording the history of ITT; and to provide for ease of distribution of the Association newsletter The Spot Report, and other communiqués that will be necessary from time to time when conducting the business of the Association.

Membership Registration from individuals shall be supported by:

  1. Completion of the Membership Registration form and supported by
  2. a brief biographical sketch;
  3. a brief outline of the individual's current or previous association or interest in the Interrogator Translator Teams;
  4. a signed statement attesting having held one of the requisite MOSs and/or documented proof (i.e., copy of DD214) of having held the 0250/0251 MOS; and
  5. a one time registration fee of $25.00 (See Legacy Pledge under Section 5.05).


4.09 Regular membership shall be permanent. The Membership Committee may recommend to The Executive that membership of any member be revoked at any time for good and just reason. The Executive shall make the final determination to revoke membership of any individual. Such determination shall only take effect upon careful review of all pertinent information for cause and unanimous vote by The Executive.

4.10 An Honorary member shall be granted membership for life. The Membership Committee may recommend to The Executive to revoke the title of Honorary Member at any time for good and just reason. Such determination shall only take effect upon careful review of all pertinent information for cause and unanimous vote by The Executive.



5.01 Annual dues have not been established for membership in the MCITTA.

5.02 A call for dues shall be made if and when it becomes necessary to maintain fiscal perpetuity of the Association.


5.03 The Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association bylaws proclaim the MCITTA to be a veteran, non-profit organization and as such all donations are tax deductible within and prescribed by the IRS tax code, Section 501(c) 3. The MCITTA operates only through the generosity of its members. All donations are gratefully accepted.

5.04 Members may support the MCITTA by making a Legacy Pledge. Each Pledge will receive a "Certificate of Legacy" which will show support and active participation in the function and administration of the Association. This Legacy Pledge will help provide for the continuing effort to identify, record and hand down the ITT history to succeeding generations.

5.05 Legacy Pledges are designated as follows:

$25 Donation — Support Legacy Member receives Certificate and the MCITTA Lapel Pin.

$30 Donation — Sponsor Legacy Member receives Certificate and the MCITTA Pin and Patch.

$40 Donation — Advocate Legacy Member receives Certificate and the MCITTA Lapel Pin and Coin.

$50 Donation — Champion Legacy Member receives Certificate and the MCITTA Lapel Pin, Coin, and Patch.

Other — Donations less than $25 receives a Certificate of Legacy.

More than $50 receives Patronage Legacy and special recognition by the Association Team Commander.