June 29, 2005, 1400 — Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada



  1. The Third Annual General Assembly of the MCITTA was called to order by the presiding Team Commander, Harry J. Todd, Jr. at 1402 on June 29, 2005 in the Hospitality Suite of the Casino Nova Scotia Hotel, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, the site of the 3rd Annual MCITTA Gathering.
    1. A formal protocol on procedures to conduct the General Assembly is still pending. The meeting proceeded with an air of informality under Robert’s Rules of Order.
    2. Presentation of the National and Marine Corps Colors was made and all hands recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.
    3. A formal Roll Call of officers was conducted. Officers in attendance were:
    4. Team Commander: Harry J. Todd, Jr.

      1st Sub-Team Commander: Howard Young

      2nd Sub-Team Commander: Howard Kahn

      Team Chief: Mitchell P. Paradis

      Absent with notification:

      3rd Sub-Team Commander: Douglas Brower

      A quorum of officers was established.

    5. Rank and File members in attendance:

    Ronald Bragdon

    Felix Conde

    James Haskins

    Donald James

    Allen Kent

    James Kerley

    Anthony Milavic

    Vincent Burdelski

    Andrew Belliveau

    Harold Weist

    Willard Thoma

    Jeff Smith

    Jose Oliveras

    Paul Anctil

    H. John Lopez

    Jack Parker

    Marsden Chlarson

    Oliver J. Hickok

    James Tortorici

    Charles Clites

    Charles Legeyt

    John Guenther

    James Riemer

    A total of 23 members were present— a quorum of 10% of the membership of 210 being established.

  2. The Minutes of the Second General Assembly Meeting held in San Antonio in 2004 were read for the record. The membership accepted the minutes without correction by unanimous vote.

Team Commander Harry Todd reported on the State of the Association. He stated the Association continues to move forward towards our projected goal of 250 members by the year 2006. As the Membership Committee continues to locate and identify former Marine Interrogators of the ITTs, this number appears easily attainable.

Team Commander Todd reported the establishment of awards to be presented to members of the Association who are deemed worthy of recognition for their service. TC Todd presented the first Commander’s Service Award to Howard Young for his services to the Association. Amplification of these awards is made in the SOP written for governing these procedures.

Team Commander Todd reported on the establishment of the Human Exploitation Teamwork Award named for GySgt Ronald Baum, a former Marine Interrogator who was killed in action in Iraq in May of 2004. This award is presented to the HET of each graduating MAGTF class at NMITC that demonstrates the highest of professional teamwork. This award is sponsored by the MCITTA. To date, TC Todd has personally presented this award to four graduating classes at NMITC.

Commander Todd advised that standard operating procedures manuals have been written to administer the business of the Association and to provide continuity in its functioning. These manuals are: The Constitution and Bylaws Manual; The Annual Gathering Guide; The Awards Manual; and The Memorial Services Guide. Manuals will be created as needed in the future.

  2. The Financial Report from 2nd Sub-Team Commander Howard Kahn was read. (See Attachment A) Current balance in the treasury as of June 20, 2005 is $1,723.62; a net gain of $215.31 from last year’s financial balance of $1,538.31.

    Halifax Gathering Committee Chairman Mitchell Paradis indicated that accounts due for the Halifax Gathering are still pending. It appears at this time that funds are sufficient to defray all costs, including un-budgeted transportation costs due to weather conditions. A complete accounting will be provided by Paradis and submitted to the Team Commander and 2nd Sub-Team Commander for review and approval. It appears at this time there will be a surplus to be included in the general treasury, thanks to the generosity and largess of donations from the MCITTA members attending the 2005 Gathering.

    It is recommended that each Gathering Chairman each year submit a full accounting of all funds collected and disbursed in the operation of the Annual Gathering.

    Member Ron Bragdon moved to accept the Financial Report as presented. Luke Thoma seconded the motion. So moved by unanimous vote.


    2. Constitution and Bylaws Committee

      2. Committee Members:
      3. Chairman: Michael Furgal
        Member: Jeff Smith
        Member: Robert Werkle
        Member: Richard Tanner

      4. The Committee reviewed and revised the existing constitution and bylaws and wrote a more definitive document that was submitted to the Advisory Committee for review and recommendation.


    3. Advisory Committee

      2. Committee Members:
      3. Member: Alan Kent
        Member: Robert Farmer
        Member: Harold Weist

      4. The Committee reviewed the proposed revised and rewritten MCITTA Constitution and Bylaws and submitted a recommendation it be approved as written to serve as a more functional document to outline procedures in the operation of the Association.
      5. Jim Kerley made a motion that the revised Constitution and Bylaws be accepted without being read in its entirety. The motion was seconded by Harold Weist and carried by unanimous vote. The new Constitution and Bylaws will be posted to the website and copies made available as may be requested.


    4. Membership Committee
      1. Committee Members:
        Chairman: Mitchell Paradis
        Member: Paul Anctil
        Member: Harry Lee
        Member: Willard Thoma
        Member: Ron Bragdon
      2. Mitchell Paradis presented the report as the committee chairman: Membership in the MCITTA continues to grow. Currently membership stands at 210 on the mailing roster. Of this number, 207 are former Marine Interrogators with the remaining three widows and offspring of MCITTA membership eligible former Marine Interrogators.
      3. The Membership Committee continues to work towards the projected goal of 250 members by the calendar year 2006. Researching lost members through telephone and email connection is progressing.
      4. The website has an interactive form which allows former Marine Interrogators a method to contact the MCITTA with their address and information. Through this venue we have contacted approximately 25 lost ITT Marines.
      5. Jose Oliveras submitted a roster of Reserve ITT Marines along with phone numbers and email addresses. This will be transcribed into a working document and submitted to the committee members for their recruiting use.
      6. Andrew "Frenchy" Belliveau asked to be considered for inclusion on the Membership Committee. His volunteerism was greatly appreciated and accepted by TC Todd.


    5. Gathering Committee

      2. Committee Members:

Chairman: Howard Young
Member: Mitchell Paradis
Member: Michael Bianchino

    1. Mitchell Paradis reported that a standard operating procedure manual providing guidance and protocol for each Gathering has been completed. This manual will be made available to each designated Gathering Chairman from the area hosting each year’s event.


    1. CMCIA Representatives Report

      2. During the past year the Marine Corps Tri-Association Intelligence Committee (MCTAIC) changed its name to the Committee of Marine Corps Intelligence Associations (CMCIA) to reflect the participation of the MCITTA along with the other three intelligence associations.
      3. James E. Haskins and Howard Young continue to be the MCITTA representatives to this committee.
      4. Jim Haskins reported the combined meeting of all the Marine Corps intelligence associations in Reno during October of 2004 was successful and that MCITTA was well represented by himself, Howard Young, Jim Riemer and Luke Thoma.

      Both Haskins and Young stated that a highlight of the Reno event was the informal "Happy Hour" and the opportunity to interact with the active duty Marines in attendance.

      Both Haskins and Young expressed the value of continued participation and representation to the CMCIA and the benefit of continued exposure and cooperation by the MCITTA. John Guenther expressed his firm desire for continued participation by the MCITTA.


    2. Chaplain Report

      2. The MCITTA Chaplain, Timothy Corrigan was not present at the 3rd Annual Gathering. No report on chaplain activities was submitted.


    3. Service Officer Report

      2. James Riemer is the designated Service Officer. No report was submitted.
      3. Three members of the MCITTA deceased this past year: George Simpson; Harrison "Jim" Overturf; and Gordon Lau. These members were remembered during the Annual Memorial Service and during the Last Man Standing ceremony at the Annual Banquet.


    4. Officer of Service Report

      2. Howard Young is the Officer of Service. No report is required at this time, all requirements with the State of California having been met for the next two years.
    1. There being no Old Business remaining from the preceding General Assembly of 2004, the proceedings followed to New Business.
    1. MEMBERSHIP DUES: Team Commander Todd introduced for discussion the need for membership dues. By way of amplification the 2nd Sub-Team Commander presented an estimated annual budget required for the administration of the Association:
    2. Color printing for The Spot Report newsletter = $2,600.00

      Mailing of The Spot Report newsletter = $ 600.00

      Awards for the GySgt Ronald Baum Teamwork Award = $1,000.00

      TOTAL MCITTA Annual Operating Costs = $4,200.00

      This cost can be reduced by approximately $1,000 for black and white printing of the biannual newsletter.

      DISCUSSION: After presentation of the annual costs of operation, a discussion followed as to how to defray these costs. It was proposed by the Team Commander that annual dues be imposed to generate a consistent income to the Association.

      Jim Tortorici presented an opposing argument to the imposition of dues in that dues become cumbersome by the need for administration and maintaining clear records of who has paid and who may be in arrears. The second question is what to do if a member does not pay the required dues— do they maintain membership or are they removed from the rolls?

      MOTION: After much discussion on the pros and cons of dues assessment, Anthony Milavic made a formal motion to not impose a dues requirement; and, the MCITTA should conduct an annual fund drive to defray the costs of administration of the Association business.

      Chuck Chlarson seconded the motion. A vote to carry the motion and institute an annual fund drive was taken and passed unanimously. An annual fund drive will be initiated in the next edition of the MCITTA newsletter, The Spot Report. All funds gathered will be deposited to the general operating fund and accounted for by the 2nd Sub-Team Commander, Howard Kahn.

    3. LAST MAN STANDING: Team Commander Todd proposed a "Last Man Standing" ritual be established and performed at each MCITTA Annual Banquet. This tribute was originated to remember those Marine Interrogators who have served in the now obsolete Interrogator Translator Teams of the U. S. Marine Corps. The ritual will remember, annually, those former ITT Marines who have passed away during the preceding year until there remains but one. This "Last Man" will then be required to open the ceremonial bottle of spirits and propose a final toast to all the departed Marine Interrogators.
    4. The testimony shall consist of a table with a single, empty place setting with a white rose on the plate; two red, lighted candles; a decanter of spirits (to be determined) with an empty glass inverted; a camouflaged Marine Corps cover; an NCO miniature sword, and a leather bound log book to record the annual event. The Team Chief read a proposed guideline for the Last Man ritual. (See Attachment B.) The ritual will be transcribed to the Annual Gathering SOP manual to ensure continuity of the ceremony.

      DISCUSSION: After discussion and endorsement by several members, Anthony Milavic offered as the spirit, a flagon of Napoleon Brandy in a Baccarat Crystal decanter. Milavic stated that this gift to the Association has a value of approximately $1,000.00. This gracious gesture will certainly add prestige and additional meaning to the symbolism of the Last Man table and ritual. The MCITTA most graciously accepts Anthony’s significant gift.

      Team Commander Todd will form an ad hoc committee to review the initial protocol manuscript and make recommendations for additions, revisions, and for the administration of the ritual. This ad hoc committee, yet to be determined, will report its findings and conclusions at the 4th Annual Gathering in Las Vegas in 2006. Team Commander Todd along with the Team Chief will provide guidance to the committee.

      MOTION: There being no further discussion, a motion to accept the "Last Man Standing" ritual as part of the Annual Banquet was made by Andrew Belliveau and seconded by Paul Anctil. The ensuing vote was unanimous to adopt the "Last Man Standing" protocol.

    5. THE SPOT REPORT: Team Commander Todd initiated a discussion on how to proceed with disseminating Association news and information. The issue of continuing to publish the Association newsletter, The Spot Report became important because of the loss of our pro bono publishing resources through James Haskins when he retired from Lockheed Martin.
    6. Team Commander Todd proposed that the entire cost of publishing the newsletter be born by the MCITTA members through the levy of membership dues or through a prorated cost per issue; a second option was presented to distribute the newsletter electronically via email.

      DISCUSSION: A lengthy discussion followed on pros and cons of printing in color or black and white and the cost of mailing versus the use of email to distribute each issue. Because not all members have email capabilities, Jack Parker proposed sending an email copy to those with that technology and a "hard-copy" to all others.

      The newsletter editor, Mitchell Paradis, expressed the opinion that The Spot Report is the principal method the Association has to reach the entire membership, regardless of whether or not they may wish to participate in the organization. Being exposed to the activities of the MCITTA via this newsletter will, at least, encourage a look at what is transpiring within the organization and may eventually encourage some to want to participate. Whereas, left to disseminating information through the website and/or email is limited and members may not take the moment to go to those conduits for a look and a read. To have a hard copy in hand will preclude a deliberate rebuff of the Association and will continue to expose the MCITTA to ever wider circles.

      In defense of continuing the newsletter, James Haskins stated he would investigate if it may be possible to continue to receive the pro bono services of Lockheed Martin for, at least, the immediate future. He will report to TC Todd and the newsletter editor.

      Additionally, a discussion followed that may require future editions of the newsletter be printed in black and white to reduce publication costs to the bare essentials. This will reduce the esthetics and professional look of the journal but will continue to place the Association news in the hands of those we are trying to reach.

      MOTION: At the end of the discussion period, Anthony Milavic made a motion to continue publishing a "hard copy" of the newsletter to all members on the mailing roster, and pending the outcome of the inquiry by Jim Haskins on continuing the gratis service of Lockheed Martin, the cost be a line item on the annual budget for the MCITTA.

      The motion was seconded by Chuck Chlarson and Harold Weist and was carried by unanimous vote of the members present.

    7. TAX EXEMPT STATUS: It has been recommended that the MCITTA review its present Internal Revenue Service (IRS) status as a Tax Exempt, Non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3): "Organizations, which are exempt under section 501(c)(3), are usually defined as "charitable" or "educational." These organizations are defined as being organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, testing for the public safety, literary or educational purposes."
    8. Whereas, classification as a Tax-Exempt, Non-profit War Veterans organization under Section 501(c)(19) declares: "IRC 501(c)(19) provides for the tax-exempt status of qualifying veterans’ organizations and their related auxiliaries that are organized in the United States or any of its possessions. Under IRC 501(c)(19), a veterans’ organization is permitted to conduct both social welfare activities, and social and recreational activities among its members without adversely affecting its tax-exempt status."

      Further, the code provides an income tax deduction for contributions to a post or organization of war veterans if no part of its net earnings inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual.

      DISCUSSION: The 2nd Sub-Team Commander affirmed the correctness of this interpretation of IRS law and stated that forms are in place and ready to be submitted upon concurrence with the assembled body of MCITTA members.

      MOTION: Jim Tortorici moved that the MCITTA file to change its tax-exempt status from 501(c)(3) to 501(c)(19) and to be classified as a Tax Exempt, Non-profit War Veterans organization to enjoy all the benefits therein provided for exclusion of taxes to such organizations.

      The motion was seconded by Vince Burdelski and carried by unanimous vote of the members.

      ADDENDUM: Mitchell Paradis observed that this tax-exempt status might provide for eligibility to receive grant money from federal agencies. Marsden "Chuck" Chlarson will investigate and review grant-writing procedures that may facilitate receiving support from outside agencies. Chlarson will present his findings to the Team Commander at the earliest possible date and will make a complete report at the 2006 Gathering.

    9. FORMATION of an Historical Committee: Team Commander Todd recommended the formation of an Historical Committee to organize and formalize the Marine Interrogators historical research project. The 3rd Sub-Team Commander Doug Brower will chair the committee.
    10. Jim Haskins volunteered for the Historical Committee and will begin to identify members by ITT assignments. He will then begin to piece together an anecdotal history of these teams.

    11. FORMATION of an Awards Committee: Team Commander Todd proposed the formation of an Awards Committee to review the annual recognition of members who provide exceptional service to the Association. This committee to award the Commander’s Service Medal shall consist of the sitting Team Commander as chairman and all Past Team Commanders as sitting members.
    12. The committee may receive nominations from the membership at large for review; otherwise, the recommendations for awards will be the sole purview of the sitting Team Commander.

      Additionally, this committee shall review all nominations for the Commander’s Civilian Service award, which may be presented to persons outside the organization who have provided laudable service to the MCITTA.

    13. GATHERING: The next item of New Business was establishing a venue for the 5th Annual Gathering. Site suggestions for the 2007 Gathering were called.

    DISCUSSION: Several members presented nominations for a venue:

    Jacksonville, NC Sierra Vista, AZ
    Orlando, FL Bellingham, WA
    San Diego, CA Nashville, TN

    Jose Oliveras proposed a Caribbean cruise for the 2007 venue. This suggestion received some favorable discussion pointing out that the cost of the cruise covered all accommodations, food and special events. Jim Haskins seconded this proposal.

    The selection of a venue for the 2007 Gathering was placed in abeyance. Oliveras and Haskins will research times, costs, etc. and report their findings to the Team Commander by September. Harold Weist volunteered to also research Nashville, TN as an alternative and provide his report within the same time frame.

    1. CMCIA For the Good of the Order, John Guenther, Chairman of the Committee of Marine Corps Intelligence Associations, requested to address the General Assembly on the affairs of the Committee.
    2. Mr. Guenther expressed his appreciation to the MCITTA Team Commander for providing him this opportunity to share highly significant information with the Halifax attendees. He strongly believes that the MCITTA membership, both attendees and non-attendees at the annual gatherings, should be regularly provided substantive information on the current status of Marine Corps intelligence, in general, and ITT-related information in particular.

      (See Attachment C for a synopsis of his remarks.)

    3. ELECTIONS The results of the election of officers are recorded as follows:

The MCITTA Board of Officers Election Mail-in Ballot reflected at total of 16 ballots returned unanimously supporting reelection of the incumbent officers.

The quorum of the membership in attendance at the 2005 General Assembly affirmed the election results by unanimous acclaim.

James Haskins as Past Interim Team Commander conducted a swearing-in ceremony to officially install the current slate of elected officers for the next two-year term.

The next official MCITTA election of officers will be held in the spring of 2007.

    1. LAST MAN The following MCITTA members were added to the Last Man Roster of departed friends, fellow Interrogators, Marines:

Harrison "Jim" Overturf August 2004
George Simpson January 2005
Gordon C. Lau January 2005


There being no further business of the Association brought forward, a motion to adjourn was made by Jeff Smith and seconded by Charlie Clites. The General Assembly Meeting of the MCITTA adjourned at 1515. The MCITTA will gather in 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada and will hold the next General Assembly meeting at a date and time to be determined.

Respectfully Submitted

/s/ Mitchell P. Paradis

Mitchell P. Paradis
Team Chief, MCITTA

20 July 2005


Please look to the rear of the room where we have set an empty place for an unknown brother. This is for the Last Man — the last Marine Interrogator of the Interrogator Translator Teams, who is yet to be determined.

Tonight we commemorate the Last Man tradition to remind us that one day we will pass from our mortal self and join all those Marines who have gone before us either in honored battle or through the passage of time.

We will set this table at all subsequent MCITTA Gatherings from this date in 2005. On the table will be a token flask of spirits that will only be opened by the Last Man and raised in a toast to all of us here present tonight. Each year the Team Commander will verify the seal is unbroken and intact as it awaits its first pour at that future date. This flagon will be held in safekeeping and transported to each succeeding Annual Gathering.

Each year we will watch our number grow smaller; yet, each year we will take some comfort in the knowledge that we will be well remembered by our brother Marines through this simple display.

This year we have added the names of three more of our ranks: Jim Overturf, George Simpson, and Gordon Lau

Known to us all, we wish them God Speed on their journey with the sure knowledge we will join them soon at the Heavenly Gathering.

Now, let us raise our glass to our unknown brother, the Last Man, and then shake the hand of our fellow Marines here tonight so he will remember us fondly when it is his turn to raise a glass to us.




John Guenther, former Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, HQMC, addressed the MCITTA members in Halifax from four different perspectives/capacities:

First and foremost, John spoke as a proud MCITTA Member, pleased to join old friends and make new friends at the 3rd MCITTA gathering. He missed the San Antonio event. He remarked on the impressive membership successes and the continued HET Teamwork award program at NMITC. He recalled his early ITT days as Commandeer, 2nd Composite Interrogation-Translator Team in the early 1960s, as well as mentioning his earlier involvement with combat interrogations (see paragraph below on History).

In his second capacity he spoke as the representative of the new Director of Marine Corps Intelligence, Brigadier General Richard Lake, a career Marine Corps intelligence officer. In a recent lunch meeting with John, BGen Lake expressed his interest in and support for association activities and stated his intent to meet with association principals in the near future (August/September time-frame). He asked John to convey this message to the MCITTA gathering.

BGen Lake’s staff also provided background information on the current personnel status in selective Marine Corps intelligence categories. John first mentioned the continued highly favorable evaluations of the Humint Exploitation Teams in Iraq and Afghanistan. (This evaluation was further validated when Mr. Guenther interviewed LGen Mattis, former CG, 1st Marine Division, in his office in Quantico on 21 July 2005. General Mattis spoke highly of the HET accomplishments, stating everyone wanted more HET support and that twice as many could easily have been employed. General Mattis also elaborated on his strong support for language training and cultural awareness for all Marines. We will hear more about that topic later).

The Marine Corps now has 29 intelligence colonels, filling all significant senior intelligence billets with professional career intelligence officers. John recalled the year prior to Desert Storm when we had but nine professional career intelligence colonels. Of more relevance to the MCITTA audience, John stated the on board strength of 0211 MOS (CI/HUMINT/Specialist) has increased significantly since 2001 and that the T/O has been increased at an even higher rate, reflecting an heightened Marine Corps appreciation for additional CI/HUMINT/Interrogator support. Forty percent of our 0211s have a language capability. He preferred not to be more specific concerning numbers in this report since they constantly change and could be misinterpreted.

John next spoke in his third capacity of Chairman, Committee of Marine Corps Intelligence Associations (CMCIA), the successor to the Marine Corps Tri-Association Intelligence Committee (MCTAIC). The name change, of course, was to recognize the inclusion of MCITTA as the fourth member of the committee.

As many of you know, MGen Ennis, former DIRINT, originally selected John to chair this committee based on his in-depth experience and membership in all four Marine Corps intelligence associations. He is actively soliciting a replacement as CMCIA Chairman in order to devote full attention to his duties as Marine Corps intelligence historian.

Foremost on the CMCIA agenda are plans for a proposed four-association meeting in Washington, D.C. in 2008, probably in the September time frame. This meeting would be patterned after the highly successful Reno experience in September 2004 where the other three associations met at the same time and location as the Marine Corps Intelligence Community Conference. While each association had its separate business meetings and individual events for it members, everyone joined for a reception, special highly informative briefings, and the final banquet. Besides meeting old friends from the other associations, the members had the unique opportunity to meet, socialize and converse with the almost 100 active duty Marines attending the DIRINT conference. This gathering was unquestionably the largest and most diverse group of Marine Corps intelligence professionals ever assembled at one location— active duty and retired, regular and reserves, WWII veterans and Iraqi veterans, men and women, all ranks, all MOS. a truly remarkable assembly. Jim Haskins and Howard Young, representing MCITTA, thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and have indicated support for MCITTA to participate in 2008. John noted that in the earlier discussion of future MCITTA Gatherings that the Team Commander specifically ensured that the 2008 Gathering date was kept open for a subsequent decision concerning joining the other associations in Washington, D.C.

John then discussed the recent initiative to update the Director of Intelligence Reading List. BGen Lake has expressed his interest in the update effort and has selected Rudyard Kiplings Kim as his personal selection.  This book has obvious relevance to the intelligence profession today with its Great Game (espionage and international rivalries) implications, and the cultural, sociological, geographic, and intelligence content of the novel. Colonel Eric Walters will again coordinate the Reading List effort under CMCIA auspices. Jim Haskins has volunteered to represent MCITTA. Colonel Walters has provided Jim Haskins with a list of three books relevant to the current Global War on Terror in general and interrogation and related ethics in particular.

The Battle of the Casbah: Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Algeria;

1955-1957 by MajGen Paul Aissaressen.

The Interrogators: Inside the Secret War Against Al-Quaeda; by Chris Mackey and Greg Mitler.

Torture and Truth: America, Abu Graibh, and the War on Terror; by Mark Dunner.

Mr. Guenther referred back to the Year of the Spy in the 1980s. Recent events have emphasized the critical role of interrogators, heralding 2006 as potentially the Year of the Interrogator.

In his fourth and final capacity, John spoke as the designated historian of Marine Corps Intelligence. Both previous Directors of Intelligence had signed a Gratuitous Service Agreement with Mr. Guenther, tasking to collect and organize historical information for the eventual publication of a history of Marine Corps intelligence. Gratuitous means he receives no financial support, but was provided a secret security clearance, a DoD badge to enter HQMC, and entry into the Marine Corps unclassified web site ( This web site access will be particularly valuable in reviewing operational lessons learned of historic value.

John commended MCIITA, particularly GySgt Doug Brower and the MCITTA leadership, for an aggressive and effective history program, which, from a blank page three years ago, has evolved into a dynamic and constantly improving program. The MCITTA history program requires the full support of all members. We encourage members to submit documents, photographs, or other memorabilia to the MCITTA historian. GySgt Brower will be providing copies of all his records to the recently established MCITTA File in the Intelligence Section in the Archives Branch of the General Gray Research Center in Quantico.

As an example of what could and should be provided was a photograph shown by Mr. Guenther of Marines interrogating the first Chinese Communist Forces prisoners of war in Korea. The interrogation took place on 3-4 November 1950 at Sudong-ni, the scene of one of the first Marine Corps engagements with the CCF. On the left in the photograph is then-Sergeant John Guenther of the S-2 Section, 7th Marines. This photograph was included in the 27 November 1950 issue of Newsweek magazine and is an excellent example of historical contributions to the MCITTA history. We continue to research interrogation history from WWII and Korea.

John also mentioned an initiative prompted by a discussion with Colonel Walters in which MCITTA members would be requested to contribute to an ITT study on what was learned from the ITT Vietnam experience. The results, once validated, could be passed on to the HET sponsors and the NMITC schoolhouse. This topic requires further discussion, but could be an excellent example of what an intelligence association could contribute to current operational capabilities.

Mr. Guenther expressed his appreciation to the MCITTA Team Commander for providing him this opportunity to share highly significant information with the Halifax attendees. He strongly believes that the MCITTA membership, both attendees and non-attendees at the annual gatherings, should be regularly provided substantive information on the current status of Marine Corps intelligence, in general, and ITT-related information in particular.