August 22, 2006 — 1400 — Las Vegas, Nevada


  1. Call to Order

  2. The Fourth Annual General Assembly of the MCITTA was called to order by the presiding Team Commander, Harry J. Todd, Jr. at 1404 on August 22, 2006 in the Hospitality Suite of the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada, the site of the MCITTA 4th Annual Gathering.

    1. The meeting proceeded with an air of informality under Robert’s Rules of Order.
  3. Roll Call

  4. a. Officers: The Team Commander conducted the roll call of officers. Officers in attendance were:

    Team Commander: Harry J. Todd, Jr.

    1st Sub-Team Commander: Howard Young

    2nd Sub-Team Commander: Howard Kahn

    Team Chief: Mitchell P. Paradis

    Absent with notification:

    3rd Sub-Team Commander: Douglas Brower

    A quorum of officers was established.

    b. Rank and File: Rank and file members in attendance:

    Felix Conde

    James Haskins

    Harold Weist

    Willard Thoma

    Jose Vizccara

    Jeff Smith

    H. John Lopez

    Marsden Chlarson

    Charles Ables

    Jorge Miranda

    James Riemer

    Harry Lee

    James Massie

    Michael Bianchino

    A total of 14 MCITTA rank and file members were present. This does not constitute a quorum of the membership of 232. The Team Commander invoked Chapter 16 of Robert’s Rules of Order on Meeting Management. The Team Commander cited the rule of ‘General Consent’. This chapter permits proceeding as a "Business Meeting" with the members present, thus allowing all things brought up and voted upon to be legal and binding.

    Seeing a valid quorum was unattainable, the Team Commander proposed, "If there is no objection, we will proceed with a Business Meeting vice the General Assembly. Hearing no objection, and being in the best interest of the organization we will proceed with this Business Meeting by general consent."

  5. Pledge of Allegiance: The National and Marine Corps Colors were not available for display at this Assembly and the Pledge of Allegiance was not recited.
  6. a. It is noted that such a flag display must be included at all future MCITTA General Assemblies.

  7. Invocation: The Association is presently without a designated chaplain, thus, the invocation was not conducted due to the absence of this appointed officer.
  8. The Minutes: The MCITTA Team Chief read the minutes of the Third General Assembly Meeting held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, June 29, 2005 for the record. The members present accepted the minutes by unanimous vote without correction.
    1. It is noted for the record that Charles Ables suggested a copy of the minutes be provided in the welcome package of each member attending future Gatherings for their reading and consideration prior to the General Assembly. This will preclude lengthy readings of the minutes.

  10. Team Commander Harry Todd presented to the Association a gavel to be used to conduct the annual General Assembly and as a symbol of the MCITTA Team Commander’s authority. This gavel was hand crafted by Howard Kahn.

    Additionally, TC Todd presented a podium banner crafted by his wife Lois to be suspended from a dais at subsequent meetings and at the Annual Banquet.

    Team Commander Harry Todd reported on the State of the Association. He stated the Association continues to move ever forward and has reached its projected goal of 250 members for the year 2006. Todd established a new, ambitious goal of 275 members by the end of fiscal year 2007. The Membership Committee continues to locate and identify former Marine Interrogators of the ITTs and it appears this number is tenable.

    Team Commander Todd reported the establishment of a new coin to be presented at the Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC) for the GySgt Ronald E. Baum Teamwork Award. This challenge coin depicts a bust of GySgt Baum in bas-relief on the obverse with the name of the award around the circumference of the coin. The reverse depicts the name of the MCITTA with the five division patches in which the ITTs served. This coin will be presented to the graduating class Human Exploitation Team earning the highest score for teamwork— a hallmark of GySgt Baum. This coin was created and caused to be struck by TC Todd in the best interests of the MCITTA.

    TC Todd discussed a proposal from HQMC for MCITTA to sponsor the Linguist of the Year award. This award would entail MCITTA providing a plaque or some other item for presentation. The entire operation for selection criteria and screening of the nominees would be controlled by HQMC. MCITTA involvement would be severely limited and without input. It is determined this award is not practical for MCITTA to assume, considering other awards currently produced by the Association.

    Commander Todd advised the Assembly the MCITTA has formally requested permission of HQMC to use the Marine Corps emblem in its logo, per MCO 5030.3B, the directive providing guidance for Unofficial Use of the Seal, Emblem, Names or Initials of the Marine Corps. We are awaiting their reply.

    Team Commander Todd announced that our own James Haskins has assumed to co-leadership of the Committee of Marine Corps Intelligence Associations (CMCIA) along with John Asbery.

    TC Todd requested a report from the Editor of The Spot Report and website manager:

    Mitchell Paradis reported The Spot Report continues to operate within budget. Articles continue to be received when solicited. A call for articles will go out in the next issue of the newsletter.

    In May of 2006, a new means of reaching the membership was established via email service. The MCITTA E-Bulletin is being used for disseminating urgent bulletins and perishable news. To date this has been well received and is effective in keeping the membership current and in touch.

    The website remains a vital link with the membership and the outside world. Since 2003, a total of 6,554 "hits" have been recorded to the website; or, an average of 2,185 per year. This is a most acceptable number and indicates that people are interested in the Association.

    A new Donation page is being proposed to facilitate members wishing to make a donation to the Association. This page will soon be posted upon approval of the Governing Board.


  12. The Financial Report from 2nd Sub-Team Commander Howard Kahn was read. (See Attachment A) Current balance in the treasury as of July 31, 2006 is $4,262.55; a net gain of $2,538.93 from last year’s financial balance of $1,723.62.

    Currently the bank account holds $9,055.55, which includes funds pending for the Las Vegas Gathering. Committee Chairman Howard Young indicated accounts due for the Las Vegas Gathering are still pending. It appears at this time that funds are sufficient to defray all costs. A complete accounting will be provided by Young and submitted to the Team Commander and 2nd Sub-Team Commander for review and approval. It appears at this time there will be a surplus to be included in the general treasury.

    A total of $989.43 in inventory items was reported for the MCITTA Gear Locker.

    Member Harold Weist moved to accept the Financial Report as presented. Chuck Chlarson seconded the motion. So moved by unanimous vote.


    1. Advisory Committee
    2. Committee Members:

      Member: Alan Kent
      Member: Robert Farmer
      Member: Harold Weist

      No report submitted.

    3. Constitution and Bylaws Committee
    4. Committee Members:

      Chairman: Michael Furgal
      Member: Jeff Smith
      Member: Robert Werkle
      Member: Richard Tanner

      No report submitted.

    5. Historical Committee
    6. Committee Members:

      Chairman: Doug Brower, 3rd Sub-Team Commander
      Member: James Haskins
      Member: Anthony Milavic
      Member: Don James
      Member: James Riemer

      The Committee Chairman was not present. No report was submitted. On behalf of the committee, Team Commander Todd made a call for members to submit papers, pictures, reports, etc for inclusion in a special display at the NMITC. NMITC is updating and changing the Interrogator display and moving it to a prominent location. A call is made for MCITTA to support this effort.

    7. Membership Committee
    8. Committee Members:

      Chairman: Mitchell Paradis
      Member: Paul Anctil
      Member: Harry Lee
      Member: Willard Thoma
      Member: Ron Bragdon

      Mitchell Paradis presented the report as the committee chairman: Membership in the MCITTA continues to grow. Currently membership stands at 252 on the mailing roster. Of this number, 239 are regular members and former Marine Interrogators, 12 Associate Members consisting of widows, offspring and principal next of kin of eligible former Marine Interrogators, and one Honorary Member.

      The Membership Committee proudly reported achieving the projected goal of 250 members for 2006. The Committee continues to work diligently to find former Marine Interrogators. MGySgt Jorge Miranda pledged to assist the committee in locating former interrogators.

      The website now has an interactive membership form to permit former Marine Interrogators a direct method to enroll in the MCITTA. The website is a vital tool in obtaining members.

    9. Awards Committee
    10. Committee Members:

      Chairman: Team Commander Harry Todd
      Member: Past Interim Team Commander James Haskins

      There were no MCITTA awards nominated for 2006.

    11. Gathering Committee
    12. Committee Members:

      Chairman: Howard Young
      Member: Mitchell Paradis
      Member: Michael Bianchino

      Howard Young reported sufficient funds are available to defray all costs for the 2006 Annual Gathering and a surplus will be forwarded to the 2nd Sub-Team Commander for deposit.

      Special thanks to Mike Bianchino for providing dance music and karaoke at the Annual Banquet.

    13. Last Man Committee
    14. Committee Members:

      Chairman: Felix Conde
      Member: Jack Parker
      Member: Luke Thoma

      Chairman Felix Conde reported that an entire protocol for the functioning of the Last Man Committee, to include the Banquet Ceremony and display has been completed. Conde has had an oak display case constructed to house the crystal carafe emblazoned with a pewter Marine Corps emblem donated by Harry Todd. This unique and handsome case was crafted by a former Marine at no cost.

      Team Commander Harry Todd provided a handmade casement for the flag that was retrieved from Army Warrant Officer Tyler. The 11th ITT entrusted the flag to Tyler’s care when the team departed Vietnam. This flag will always be part of the Last Man display.

      A leather bound Book of Remembrance was provided by Mitchell Paradis with the history calligraphied into the book along with all names of interrogators who have passed away since the founding of the Association. Space is provided for members to make notes and remembrances.

    15. CMCIA Representatives Report
    16. Representatives:

      James Haskins
      Howard Young

      Haskins and Young report the CMCIA will hold a combined assembly of the four intelligence associations in Chantilly, Virginia in 2008. Participation by the MCITTA is under advisement.

    17. Chaplain Report
    18. The MCITTA Chaplain, Timothy Corrigan has requested to step down from the position for personal reasons. As of this date a replacement has not been found.

    19. Service Officer Report
    20. James Riemer is the designated Service Officer. No report was submitted.

      Three members of the MCITTA were added this year to the Last Man Book of Remembrance: Capt Loren "Dutch" Pfautz; Maj James East; and Col Francis Burke.


    21. Officer of Service Report

    Howard Young is the Officer of Service. No report is required at this time, all requirements with the State of California having been met for the next year.

    1. Team Commander Todd’s proposal to amend the MCITTA Constitution and Bylaws to reflect the position of 3rd Sub-Team Commander be modified to a permanent appointment at the discretion of the Team Commander was presented to the membership by mail-in ballot. A total number of 21 mail-in ballots were returned, all approving the amendment. Of this number, 7 were in attendance at the Gathering. The 21 mail-in ballots and the hand vote of the members gathered resulted in a quorum to pass the resolution. The 3rd Sub-Team Commander position is hereby designated an appointed position at the discretion of the Team Commander.
    2. The Team Chief is directed to make the appropriate changes to the Constitution and Bylaws and to annotate these changes appropriately.

    3. Jim Haskins reported his endeavor to obtain pro bono publication of the MCITTA newsletter from Lockheed Martin was not successful. This means the Association will have to bear the full cost of publishing The Spot Report.
    4. The 2nd Sub-Team Commander, Howard Kahn reported the tax-exempt request through the IRS to be a war-veterans, non-profit organization under 501(c)(19) is still being processed. A full report will be made to the membership through the MCITTA E-Bulletin as soon as the issue is resolved.
    5. Member Chuck Chlarson made his report on the grant proposal submitted on behalf of the MCITTA. Chlarson spent several months researching the grant writing process. He made special trips to the East Coast to study writing techniques and researching activities that would be appropriate for our request.

    Chlarson reports he submitted his request to three agencies. Two have yet to respond and one, the Marine Corps Heritage Society at Quantico, requested further amplification. This grant request is in the amount of $10,000.00 to be used for research on the Marine Corps interrogator/translator field and the ITTs. Chlarson will resubmit the grant request in more detail and report on the results at the next General Assembly.

    1. NEW CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT: Team Commander Todd proposed a second amendment to the Constitution and Bylaws to make an appointed position of the 2nd Sub-Team Commander to be designated as Treasurer; and the Team Chief position as the appointed Secretary with no term limits to ensure the continuity of finance and administrative functions.
    2. DISCUSSION: Chuck Chlarson began the discussion by specifying both position have sufficient responsibilities and duties for two people and that continuity in these functions should be paramount.

      In lieu of amending the constitution, Charles Ables proposed offsetting elections leaving these two positions in alternating time frames, which will provide the necessary continuity of administrative and fiscal functioning.

      MOTION: Team Commander Todd made the motion to remove term limits for Team Chief and the 2nd Sub-Team Commander with duties of Secretary and Treasurer respectively. James Massie seconded the motion.

      VOTE: The ensuing vote carried the motion by majority with one dissention. A proposal will be drafted reflecting this change and presented at the Nashville Gathering for ratification.

    3. MEMBERSHIP: Team Commander Todd proposed the Membership Committee investigate the feasibility and practicality of creating a membership card for the MCITTA.
    4. DISCUSSION: The Chairman of the Membership Committee presented an opposing argument stating such an item would pose an enormous administrative burden on the Team Chief with little, if any, benefit to the membership.

      MOTION: Team Commander Todd made the motion to have the Membership Committee investigate the practicality of creating a membership card. The motion was seconded.

      VOTE: The ensuing vote carried the motion by majority with two dissentions. The Membership Committee Chairman will investigate the practicality of providing membership cards to the Marine Interrogators currently on the rolls and report the findings at the 2007 General Assembly.

    5. MEMBERSHIP FEES: Team Commander Todd, once again, proposed investigating imposing membership fees/dues for MCITTA membership.
    6. DISCUSSION: There was no discussion of this issue.

      MOTION: Harold Weist made a motion to table this issue pending next year’s financial statement to see if the Association continues to be viable without imposing dues or fees. Chuck Chlarson seconded the motion.

      VOTE: The vote was unanimous to table the discussion of dues and fees pending further assessment of a financial need.

    7. THE GATHERING: Team Commander Todd proposed the Annual Gathering be held every 18 to 24 months in lieu of the current annual pattern. Additionally, selection of dates for the Gathering should be more closely considered in order to maximize attendance and have the least impact on work or other personal commitments/schedules.
    8. DISCUSSION: Limited discussion followed as all agreed this was a practical solution for all hands and would generate a wider appeal for attending the Gathering.

      MOTION: Jose Vizcarra made the motion to hold the Annual Gathering every 18 to 24 months and consideration be given to time frame as paramount in importance. John Lopez seconded the motion.

      VOTE: The motion carried by unanimous vote. The Gathering Committee has for action.

    9. GATHERING CONTRACT: Team Commander Todd proposed the Gathering Committee investigate using the services of a convention coordinating company to plan and arrange future Gatherings.
    10. DISCUSSION: Each year a heavy burden is placed on a single individual or two to plan, organize and contract with various venues to host the MCITTA Gathering. This is a tremendous responsibility and a heavy task. Arranging with a planning company to provide the "leg work" will greatly ease the burden from a single person and will allow everyone the opportunity to maximize the benefit of attending our affairs.

      MOTION: Jose Vizcarra made the motion to have the Gathering Committee investigate the financial feasibility of contracting the planning and organizing of all future Gatherings with a professional company. Chuck Chlarson seconded the motion

      VOTE: The motion was carried by unanimous vote. The Gathering Committee will begin its investigation to find a company that will organize the 2009 Gathering and make their report at the Nashville Gathering in 2007.

    11. Discussion on any future Gathering venues was placed in abeyance.
    12. There being no further new business, discussion on New Business was closed.
    1. For the Good of the Order, James Haskins brought forth the issue of the Association purchasing its own printing press to publish The Spot Report and other materials required from time to time.
    2. DISCUSSION: A productive discussion ensued both in favor and opposed to this consideration. The pro side emphasized the independence this would create and on-demand production provided. Additionally, it would appear to present a significant savings on production costs, etc.

      The con side considered the costs associated with such a high-end machine to include necessary maintenance, service, materials costs to include the inks, paper, etc. Also, there was a question to location and operation. Such equipment requires an experienced operator to monitor the printing and maintain the machinery.

      MOTION: A motion was made to form an ad hoc committee to investigate the practicality of this proposal and obtain details on initial cost for the machinery, maintenance agreements, printing supplies and other pertinent data necessary to finalize a decision. Harry Lee seconded the motion.

      VOTE: The motion was adopted unanimously. Ad hoc committee consisting of Chuck Chlarson and Harry Lee will conduct a full investigation of the issue and report at the 2007 Gathering.

    3. 2007 GATHERING: Harold Weist reported the 2007 Gathering in Nashville is well into gear and venues and schedules are being finalized. The Sheraton Nashville Downtown Hotel (3 Diamond facility) is the selected venue. An exciting schedule includes entertainment for all along with a visit to the Jack Daniel’s distillery and the Grand Ol’ Opry.

    Harold will coordinate with Mitch Paradis to ensure proper and ample publication is given to this event and to encourage as many participants as possible.


There being no further business of the Association brought forward, a motion to adjourn was made by Felix Conde and seconded by James Haskins. The General Assembly Meeting of the MCITTA adjourned at 1603. The MCITTA will gather in 2007 in Nashville, TN and will hold the next General Assembly meeting at a location, date and time to be determined.

Respectfully Submitted

/s/ Mitchell P. Paradis

Mitchell P. Paradis
Team Chief, MCITTA

30 August 2006