San Diego, California
October 07, 2009
I.  Meeting was called to order by Team Commander Jim Haskins at 0744, 10/07/2009.
II.  Roll was called:  Team Commander Jim Haskins, present                       
                             1st Sub-Team Commander, deceased
                             2nd Sub-Team Commander Howard Kahn, present
                             3rd Sub-Team Commander, absent
                             Team Chief Felix Conde, present
III.  There were 16 members present at the meeting.  Team Commander invoked Robert's Rules of Order on meeting management because of there being less than the ten percent members present required for quorum.
IV.  Team Commander moved to accept the minutes of the 2008 business meeting as printed.  Move was seconded by Mike Bianchino.  Motion carried.
V.  Reports
     1.  Team Chief Report:  Felix Conde, No report
     2.  2nd Sub-Team Commander presented/read Financial Report.  Harry Todd moved that Financial Report be approved as read.  Motion was seconded by Jeff Smith.  (Note:  Financial Report is available from Treasurer.)
     3.  Team Commander's Report
          a.  Commander stated that donations to MCITTA are down this year and that MCITTA member Al Kent had donated $1000.00 to the organization in memory of John Schindler who passed on November 10, 2008.
     4.  Advisory Committee:  No report
     5.  Membership Committee:  Report by Mitch Paradis
          a.  Membership has declined, and presently there are 238 members, 16 associate members, and one honorary member.  This count differed from that held by our Team Chief.  The matter will be resolved.
          b.  Two members requested to be disenrolled, one of whom has requested to be reinstated.
     6.  Gathering Committee:  Report by H. Young
          a.  Information from Hipolito "Paul" Hernandez on status of 2010 Gathering is pending.  Paul is on active duty and difficult to contact.  It was determined if Paul cannot commit fully to specific dates and ensure a venue at Tampa the organization will revert to an alternative Gathering site in San Antonio, Texas.  Paul has been allotted until November 30 to make Tampa acceptable.  MCITTA members will be notified of developments no later than the first week of December.
     7.  Chaplain's Report:  No report, position is vacant
     8.  Officer of Service:  Howard Young holds this administrative position required to maintain our Charter by establishing state of residence for at least one MCITTA officer.
     9.  Service Officer:  Jim Riemer, no report.
     10.  Historian:  Tm Cmdr presented report for Warren Smith
 Historian Warren Smith requested that all members fill out the historical form/questionnaire to be found on the website and return it to him for inclusion in the compilation of our history). 
     11.  Last Man Standing:  Report by Felix Conde
           Recommended that the Last Man Standing Protocol remain as is.
     12.  Awards Committee:  Report by Harry Todd
           a.  Nine awards were given out this year for member participation.
           b.  The MCITTA sponsored Baum Teamwork Award issued at NMITC for each MAGTF graduating class has reached a total to date of 143 individual awards. 
VI.  Old Business:
      1.  Hipolito "Paul" Hernandez the 2010 Gathering volunteer, who is on active duty, has requested the MCITTA decide on a month in 2010 on which to Gather in Tampa, FL.
      2.  A motion was made by Harold Weiss, seconded by Harry Todd to hold the 2010 8th MCITTA Gathering in October.  The motion carried pending the availability of Paul or his representatives on scene to organize the venue in his absence. 
      3.  The 2010 8th Gathering alternative site will be San Antonio, Texas if Tampa, Florida is not available.
VII.  New Business
       1.  The Tm Cmdr announced that the MCITTA is a member of the Military Reunion Alliance, an organization that helps set up reunions for organizations such as the MCITTA.  Team Commander Haskins agreed to further investigate the benefits of relying on these services.
       2.  Harry Todd presented a project to erect an MCITTA Memorial at the Marine Corps Museum.  The research and design was done by Alan Adler, Harry Todd, and Mitch Paradis.  The monument has received design and placement approval in the Semper Fidelis Park by the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico.
            a.  Howard Kahn made a motion, seconded by Harold Weiss, to go forward with the project to raise funds to erect a memorial to honor the 0250/0251 MOS and those who were killed in the line of duty Museum of the Marine Corps.  The motion carried.
            b.  Mitch Paradis made a motion, seconded by Mike Bianchino to establish a funding committee to investigate the appropriation of funds for a memorial project.  Motion carried.  The committee will consist of Harry Todd, Mitch Paradis, Vince Burdelski, and Felix Conde.
       3.  Electronic Spot Report
           a.  Tm Cmdr reported that sending out Spot Reports by regular mail costs $800 to $900 per issue and that there are approximately 35 copies returned as undeliverable.
           b.  Howard Young made a motion seconded by Jim Tortorici that before sending out the next Spot Report, send out a letter explaining that we are redoing our organization and asking members to state whether he wants to receive the Spot Report by email or hard copy by regular mail.  Notification will be made in the Spot Report and via E-Bulletin as well.  Motion passed.
      4.  Team Commander received a request from Professor Himel for a copy of the MCITTA mailing list for a project involving the study of interrogation methods. 
           a.  Jim Haskins made a motion, seconded by Harry Todd that the MCITTA  will provide a copy of its mailing list to Prof Himel.  In keeping with self imposed privacy concerns, the motion did not carry.
      5.  The subject of whether the organization should take a stand on issues germane to the ITT field and intelligence matters in general was raised. 
           a.  Jim Haskins motioned, seconded by Jim Tortorici, that MCITTA change its policy and become more involved in political/national issues.  The motioned was defeated by a vote of 0 yes and 15 no.
      6.  Gathering for 2011
           a.  The following locations were nominated for the 2011 9th Gathering:
                Ft Huachuca (in conjunciton with the MC Birthday Ball)  - Received 12 votes
                (note: NMITC, Dam Neck, VA will be considered if Ft Huachuca is successful)
                Hawaii - Received 0 votes
                San Antonio - Received 3 votes
                Lake Placid, New York - Received 0 votes
           b.  Ft Huachuca was selected as the site for the 9th Gathering pending cooperation and coordination with the Marine Corps Ball.
           c.  Jim Haskins made a motion, seconded by Felix Conde, to limit MCITTA Gatherings to three "active" days.  Motion was defeated, votes were 2 yes, 14 no.
      7.  MCITTA Web site
           a.  Jim Haskins made a motion, seconded by Jim Tortorici, to make a members only section in the MCITTA web site accessible only by password.  Motion carried, 13 yes, 2 no, 1 abstain.  Coordination with Jeff Smith will make this occur.
      8.  Restructure of MCITTA Command structure
           a.  Motion made by Chuck Ables, seconded by Mike Bianchino, to change the MCITTA command structure from an elected concept to a Board of Directors concept.  Motion carried, 15 yes, 1 no.
           b.  Motion made by Chuck Able, seconded by Howard Young, to install as the MCITTA Board of Directors Harry Todd, Howard Kahn, Mike Bianchino, Felix Conde, and Vince Burdelski.  All other officers:  Service Officer, Officer of Service, and the new Treasurer Jack Parker will not be Board members but shall serve at the pleasure of the Board or personal desire.  Motion carried.
VIII.  Meeting was closed for business at 11:15, 10/07/2009.