2017 Gathering in DC 15-20 May 2017


In an e-mail dated 29 December, the Chairman passed current information related to the gathering. It has been modified for posting as an HTML File. Felix Conde passed information modify the original dates to 15-20 May via e-mail.

BoD/All:The DC Gathering finally has a home. Now the detailed agenda can be formulated. Our biggest hurdle was a Hotel Site for the Gathering. Plus the need to possibly hire a bus to transport attendees to all venues. A centrally located hotel could cost as high as $200. Also, with a centrally located hotel with easy access to both the DC and Quantico Area we may not need to foot the bill for a bus except for special events. Therefore, I would like to solicit from those who plan on attending. Whether, you will be driving to the Gathering. If we have at least 8-9 cars, then we may not need to pay for a bus for everyday events. Just maybe for a special occasion like the Sunset Parade on Friday the 19th or a full day in the Quantico area. 


A Hotel suitable for our needs and one that is in a central location in Northern Virginia  has been located. You can use this url to take you to the Springfield Hilton. The Hotel chosen for our Gathering. You can view all the particulars on the Hotel and its location, amenities and nearby attractions  http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/virginia/hilton-springfield-SPRSHHF/index.html 


The room rate will be $149/Night X12% tax= $166.88 (All rooms have a  King Bed). Rate includes Buffet Breakfast for 2 (Cost is normally $25/ person + Free Parking another average cost of $20/ night). Shuttle bus to any destination within 3 miles of hotel. We can bring food/adult beverages into the Hospitality Room. Our Dinner will be provided onsite by the hotel (Cost and Menu will be provided with the Agenda). The hotel is located 1.3 miles from the Metro and 20 miles from DC and Quantico. Travel time to the MGM Casino for all you gamblers is 20-25 minutes. We will be publishing the complete Agenda/Schedule ASAP. 


Passed for the Chairman-Updated

Frank Signorile


24 January, 2017