This page will be used to post current gathering information as it becomes available. Please note-

         Within our statement of purpose, the MCITTA is established to be, primarily, a fraternal organization. Our Charter amplifies this purpose thusly: "That the members of the Association assemble at a designated place each year for the purpose of camaraderie and social fraternity. This assemblage shall be called The Annual Gathering and will include a dining event as the high point and culmination to the affair."

         The MCITTA shall be considered a "Last Man Standing" organization, there no longer being Interrogator Translator Teams in the Marine Corps, and future Marines are not trained principally as Interrogator (Prisoner of War). The Last Man will be appropriately honored each year at the Annual Gathering. These honors shall include a ceremony befitting the occasion with the pageant of an appropriate symbol of this observance.

         So, too, we wish to remember and honor our departed brothers, especially those who were killed in combat. As a principal event we shall conduct a memorial service each year at the Annual Gathering as our obligation to them lest their sacrifice be forgotten. Additionally, this service shall remember all ITT Marines who have passed away in the preceding year.

         Although we gather for camaraderie and to reminisce, we will hold a business meetings to discuss such matters as the direction we wish to follow, administration, selecting and electing a new slate of board members, and to determine the location for the next Gatherings.

         The 2017 Gathering will be held May 2017 in Wash, DC area (No particulars yet). 

         The 2018 gathering is planned for New Orleans.

         Registration forms and Chairman updates related to these gatherings will be posted on Facebook, and on the MCITTA Webpage.

Frank Signorile


July 2016