The concept and idea of our monument was introduced by Mitch Paradis in September 2008.


A monument committee consisting of Harry Todd and Howard Kahn was formed. In October of that year initial designs were explored and approved by MCITTA’s Board. Placement was determined to be appropriate if placed in Semper Fidelis Park at the United States Marine Corps Museum in Quantico.


By November/December that same year Mr. Allen Adler (MCITTA member) became our Quantico coordinator and made initial inroads with the Board of Directors at The Marine Corps Museum regards our desires. Initially the Board of Directors rejected our design and suggested a new effort be forth coming based on the Museums specifications. A new design was proposed and accepted both by the Museum Board and MCITTA..


This was accomplished and approval for placement was granted in March 2009. Fund raising began in earnest


By September of 2010 it became apparent that funding was significantly slowed and MCITTA would most likely not reach the cost level of the proposed monument. At the Gathering that year the MCITTA Board of Directors directed the Monument Committee find an alternative design that would encompass the on hand funding. As a result a new monument was designed by committee members, submitted and approved by MCITTA’s Board and accommodations for a new placement was reassessed.


In early 2011 Camp LeJeune came to our rescue when the Board of Directors of the proposed Museum of Carolina Marines considered our monument for placement in their proposed plans for the Museum at Montford Point. Once the Museum Board approved, a search for a stone quarry ensued.


On November 10th of 2011 the stone was quarried and a contract for the bronze plaque was struck.


The museum began its laborious task of getting started in early 2012 with the declaration that our monument would reside in a place of honor to be seen from inside the museum atrium upon completion of the museum.


 In 2013 MCITTA contracted to have the Bronze plaque made and MCITTA received it in sufficient time to be on display at the North Carolina Gathering.


By 2014 the Museum Board suggested MCITTA fund proposed lighting for the monument so as to the lessen costs later on after placement. This was approved by our Board at that year’s Gathering. The Museum broke ground on Phase One and projected sometime in 2015 as a possible date for placement.


MCITTA was notified in December of 2015 that the grounds prep work was in a sufficient state to pour the base slab. Vince, Howard and Harry were on hand the first week of December 2015 but Mother Nature intervened and the slab was postponed.


The first week of April on or about April 7th 2016 the slab was poured. Two weeks later on Wednesday 20 April the monument was set in place. The monument was not what MCITTA had contracted for. The site contractor indicated he would be sodding the area and once that was accomplished the last thing on his Phase One check list prior to his contract completion would done. The monument was not the monument MCITTA had ordered nor was it the monument the local contractor had contracted from the quarry. On the 26th of April the Director of the Museum Board reviewed the monument to determine with our Chairman’s approval what if any action should be taken with our monument contractor/provider. Negotiations determined that another quarry would be contracted, the incorrect monument removed, and a new monument cut to MCITTA specifications would be placed and maintained annually by the local contractor at no additional cost.


The first week of May 2017 the contractor traveled to the Ohio quarry to affix the bronze plaque to the finished product, arrange transportation and establish a shipping date. By May 17, 2017 the MCITTA monument was installed in its place of honor at the Museum of the Carolina Marines.


On Thursday June 22, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. dedication ceremonies were conducted at the memorial park of Camp Johnson in front of the Museum. Ceremonies lasted approximately one hour All local MCITTA members have been notified and invited along with members of the Intelligence Battalion stationed at Camp LeJeune. Sufficient local news coverage has been invited. Four TV stations and three news journals covered the ceremonies. The local Mayor proclaimed June 22nd to be designated as MCITTA Day in Jacksonville, N.C.