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Letter from the Chairman
October 2009

        The seventh annual Gathering is over and declared by all hands to have been well done, enjoyable and an unqualified success. This in no small part is because of the efforts of our host and hostess, Jim and Lynne Riemer, and the able assistance of any and all they asked to help—good food, well planned venues and good friends. As with each Gathering there were a couple of new attendees to experience the camaraderie. 

         This Gathering was a transitional year for MCITTA. It is hoped the change will satisfy our functional and administrative needs for continued success. The members present at our business meeting elected to transition from an elected slate of governing officers to the establishment of a Board of Directors. The Board consists five members and they are: the Chairman of the Board, Harry Todd; Vice Chairman of the Board, Vince Burdelski; three board members, Administrative Executive Assistant, Felix Conde and members Mike Bianchino and Howard Kahn. Jack Parker volunteered to assume the duties of Chief Financial Officer but will not be a voting member of the Board. All those individuals previously appointed to functionary positions such as Historian, Officer of Service, Service Officer and the various committee Chairmen shall retain their respective duties, positions and authority and serving under the aegis and pleasure of the Board.

          The transition continued with a unanimous decision to publish one more hard copy of our Spot Report. This was based upon mere economics and the added flexibility to include a myriad if items electronically that are cost prohibitive in a hard copy. I ask all hands receiving this media to update their regular USPS address and e-mail addresses. I ask and encourage every member to forward this data to the appropriate place, so designated within this last hard copy Spot Report. This plea for currency will be followed by a one time letter. Following the issue of a final plea for updated information all items will be electronically transmitted. It was further decided to keep members more informed via the issuance of E-Bulletins.

           The business meeting participants unanimously agreed to take on the  considerable challenge of raising sufficient funds to make the monument previously announced in VOLUME VII, ISSUE 1, Summer 2009 of the Spot Report a reality. Further and detailed information regards this effort will be published as received. A committee consisting of Vince Burdelski, Jim Haskins, Mitch Paradis and Harry Todd was established to monitor and guide this effort to fruition. Our accepted goal is to raise $35,000.00 as quickly as possible to make this dream come true. Guidelines on methods of seeking funding will be forthcoming in order that any and all who get out and seek funding will act in a uniform manner and not be at cross purposes with the efforts of others. It is not an impossibility to raise this amount of money rapidly.

         Of paramount importance is our 2010 Gathering. It was determined we would hold the Gathering in October 2010 (no specific dates yet) in Tampa Bay, Florida. Due to circumstances beyond our immediate control we decided to establish an alternative location of San Antonio, Texas. Notification will be made prior to the end of December 2009 via E-Bulletin and on the web page whether we will be Gathering in Florida or in Texas. One of the more unique proposals put forth for 2011 was one that we unite our Gathering with the Marine Corps Ball. Work toward that effort is being explored by a couple of excited members. This was felt to be a brilliant idea that would allow everyone to combine two wonderful events into one occasion. Further information will be published as discovered.

           The first Annual Jim Riemer Golf Classic was a success with everyone that participated enjoying a great time and nearly everyone receiving an award of some degree. The afternoon was spent enjoying the mini-golf tournament for those not up to chasing the small white ball across the landscape. San Diego is an exciting venue with a variety of culinary options and lots of diversions for the adventurous. All that was made available to the members and some that wasn’t were sufficiently explored and enjoyed by those attending.

         Several items that require action were not brought to fore because of time constraint but will be addressed via Board function and the information will be disseminated as appropriate. The Board Members and I are dedicated to the success of MCITTA and I am once again pleased if not without trepidation to be trusted with the leadership and management of our organization. I ask for your cooperation to the same degree that I had for my first term as the Team Commander. I said then and still believe our success rests on the membership even if the responsibility falls in the lap of the one leading. The Board Members and I look forward to making MCITTA an organization to which you can be proud to be a member.  

Harry Todd