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Plan B has replaced the initial effort. Additional information will be forthcoming in future E-Bulletins. The new design has been approved and is within the price range of collected funds, placement has been accepted by the museum board and will be placed near the entrance of the Museum of Carolina Marines at the entrance of Montfort Point (Camp Johnson) in North Carolina, birthplace of ITT, at Jacksonville, NC.

Howie Khan and Harry Todd will shepherd this new effort to completion.
   Monument Update

Museum of the Marine Update

Front and Rear Views


Roll Of Honor

During the Gathering of the MCITTA in 2008, members visited the National Museum of the Marine Corps at Quantico, Virginia. The museum, which had its grand opening on November 10, 2006, is now the number one tourist attraction in Virginia. Tens of thousands of  Marines and civilians alike pass through these doors dedicated to the honor of Marines throughout history.  In his dedication President George W. Bush said, “These walls remind all who visit here that honor, courage, and commitment are not just words. They are core values for a way of life that puts service above self.  And these walls will keep the history of the Marine Corps alive for generations of Americans to come.”

In March 2009, a design was approved with a few fine adjustments, but due monetary reasons we went to Plan B.

This “monumental” project represents our opportunity to leave a legacy for all of us to honor those who honored our
Country, Corps, and fellow Marines
We need support on this effort.  Please make checks payable to MCITTA Memorial Fund and mail to:

Jack C. Parker
12479 S. Ironwood Drive
Yuma, AZ 85367

Updated: 12/10/14