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The Officers

As mandated by the MCITTA Constitution and Bylaws, elected officers of the MCITTA shall have the duties and responsibilities to provide direction to the affairs of the Association. They shall propose policy or changes therein in support to the Charter and shall exercise judicious care in the disbursement of funds. The Officers may appoint such agents and/or committees as it may consider necessary in the execution of these duties and responsibilities.

Election of officers shall occur biannually. Criteria for election:

    1. All members of the MCITTA are eligible for office. Nominations will be accepted three months prior to the Annual Gathering.
    2. Elections for officers shall be held at the Annual Gathering. Voting will be by ballot, with the winner receiving the highest number votes.
    3. Elected officer terms are for two years. Maximum service for an elected officer is two consecutive terms.

During the 2003 MCITTA Inaugural Gathering in Las Vegas, the first formal election of MCITTA Officers was held. In October 2009, it was decided to go to a Board of Officers.

Board Officers

Chairman of the Board
Jim Tortorici
(Performs duties as Chairman of the Board )
Assistant Chairman of the Board
Ray Roth
(Performs duties as Assistant Chairman of the Board)
Board Member/Financial Officer
Jack Parker
Board Member/Executive Administrative Assistant
Chuck LeGeyt
(Performs all administrative duties)
Board Member
Keyvan Ghovanloo

Appointed Positions

MCITTA Chaplain
Informational Manager
Joe Burroughs
Webmaster-Effective August 2015
Frank Signorile
Warren Smith


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