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"MCITTA is a fellowship of 0250s and 0251s joined in camaraderie that get together once a year at various venues to renew friendships and make new friends. And now can commiserate via Facebook. There are no dues and the only real requirement is that one must have been an interrogator or held the 0250 or 0251 MOS.  We no longer send hardcopy newsletters and have opted to utilize the electronic method both on the Official MCITTA website and Facebook.  All Marines meeting the Interrogator/or Translator requirements are Welcomed Aboard."

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The Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association is a fraternal Association of Marine Interrogators of prisoners of war and Interpreters of foreign languages who have held the Marine Corps MOS of 0250 and/or 0251. Interrogation is an art. Marines so trained have provided significant contributions to victories on the battlefield through these up close and personal confrontations with the enemy.
MCITTA seeks to honor that art and perpetuate the uniqueness of these Marines and the camaraderie that has been cultivated within the Interrogator Translator Teams and the ethos of being Marine!

Comment by the 32nd Commandant of the United States Marine Corps:
"One of the joys of being a Marine is that we continually draw upon our history and actively celebrate the richness of our traditions. The simplicity of our lifelong title- 'Marine' -brings forth association with our past and our present, as well as the promise of our future. The stream of history extending from yesteryear to tomorrow is a story of both change and consistency, all centered on fulfilling our duty to the Nation."
General James L. Jones, USMC
            32nd Commandant of the Marine Corps

Several years ago, a few Marines attempted to form an association of interrogators. Despite their effort and noble intent, the organization did not materialize.

In 2002, with the portend of the interrogator MOS fading into history, seven former USMC Interrogators began again to talk about forming an association that would be open to all Marine Interrogators in order to perpetuate the camaraderie and uniqueness of the Interrogator Community of the Marine Corps. Several months of emails, telephone calls, and local meetings in Arizona and California, culminated in "
A Gathering of The Seven" in Las Vegas in January 2003.

The outcome was the formation of the Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association (MCITTA), defining its purpose and intent, and appointing interim officers. The MCITTA is a fraternal organization formed to promote and honor those individuals that have served in an Interrogator Translator Team in the United States Marine Corps. The MCITTA is open to all ranks of Marine Interrogators— all active duty, reserve, retired and honorably discharged interrogator Marines are welcome.

The Founding Seven pictured from Left to Right: Jim Riemer, Mitch Paradis, Harry Todd, Jim Haskins, Mike Bianchino, Tim Corrigan, and Howard Young. The group met at the Marine Corps League, Las Vegas Detachment on 14 January 2003 to form the
Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association.

The MCITTA has been incorporated under the laws of the State of California. We are a tax exempt, non-profit, veterans organization under IRS Section 501c (3) of the code. Presently, MCITTA has no dues or fees for membership. The organization relies solely on member donations for support.

It is our intent to "gather" as a group once a year in a social environment to meet and renew friendships, make new friends, share memories, enjoy a variety of special events, and participate in the gala MCITTA Grand Gathering Dinner and Dance. Again, this is a fraternal organization; therefore the annual Gathering is a reunion, not a convention. Although we gather to enjoy the camaraderie and reminisce, we will hold a business meeting to discuss such matters as the direction we wish to follow, administration, selecting and electing a new slate of team commanders, and to determine the location for the next Gathering.

Additionally, a primary purpose of the MCITTA will be to research and write the history of the Interrogator Translator Teams. We have assumed this task with high spirit to pursue this noble endeavor with the help and input of every Marine Interrogator. This must be done, and be done collectively. The MOS of interrogator/translator only existed for a very few years in the Marine Corps. We were specially trained to extract information from an enemy that was unwilling to give it freely. Many of us were able to do that in the native language of that Prisoner of War. These skills were and remain unique.

The ITT’s themselves were unique consisting of, generally, one officer and twelve enlisted Marines. Almost always these enlisted men were SNCO’s or NCO’s, which furthered our uniqueness. How we deployed was different as well. Generally, we were dispatched to the battalion level in sub teams of one or two interrogators. In this capacity we were usually "at the front" to maximize the effectiveness of any tactical information that was obtained. Many Marine interrogators were wounded and/or received combat decorations for valor in the pursuit of our "trade" —and some made the supreme sacrifice.

These are the characteristics we need to preserve for our Marine Corps history. This history must be documented lest it be forgotten or entrusted to others who do not have the vis-à-vis experience. We must be the ones who will preserve what we developed and perfected.

Through the intimate bonds that we formed while serving in our ITT’s, we hope to rekindle the same spirit of camaraderie within the MCITTA and ensure that our history and contributions to history are not forgotten.

So, too, we wish to remember and honor our departed brothers, especially those who were killed in combat. We intend to accomplish this by creating a Cenotaph, an Honor Roll of Marine Interrogators and conducting a memorial service each year at the Annual Gathering as our obligation to them lest their sacrifice be forgotten.

Though noble in our purpose, we shall always maintain a "fraternal flavor" to our organization that will place us in distinction by remaining outside the sphere of political influence. We shall devote ourselves and our organization to fulfilling our commitment to those with whom we have served.

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